Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cheaper IVF in Other Countries

A co-worker recently disappear for a week & 1/2 long vacation to Costa Rica only to come back with a new rack. I don't know her all that well, but I overheard her talking about how her operation was significantly cheaper there then it would have been here. Not that I'm in the market for new boobs (although a reduction would be nice), I want to ask her a million questions about how clean the facility was, how did she find out about this place etc., but I don't want to be that rude semi-stranger nosing into her life.

Her experience made me wonder if I can do IVF in other countries at a lower cost without increasing health risks. I found information on two clinics in Cyprus which seem to be legit and cheaper. More importantly they will work with single females and allow the use of donors (a few clinics in other countries would not allow it due to their laws).

So my wonderful fellow bloggers, has anyone else looked into going to another country for IVF?


Tiara said...

Initially when I started thinking about becoming a SMC, thought it would be cost prohibitive because of my knowledge was based on US costs...it wasn't until I found out that our Provincial Healthcare coves many of these costs. Unfortunately that doesn't help you since you'd have to be a resident here to benefit.

If you can get information from other clients who have used these clinics, it sounds like me to be something to seriously consider. Are the costs of IVF still cheaper when you factor in travel costs & accomodations plus potentially higher shipping costs of sperm?

The Constant Planner said...

So far yes. I found the Barbados fertility centre and they charge between $6000 to $7000 for IVF. Factoring in the cost and travel for 14 days is still $4000 less than what my current RE quoted. The price may also be substantially less once I find out if they will let me do my monitoring at my current RE's office prior to the retrieval which would be paid for by my health insurance. My insurance will definitely cover all medication.