Thursday, January 27, 2011

Move it along Sister!

I finally made the commitment to start trying again and know I can afford to start at the end of March but it seems so far away! Why can't I just magically receive $1000 now so I can get this show back on the road? Maybe the tax man will be good to me this year.

The anticipation is slowly starting to get to me. I keep finding myself on the baby center website oohing and aahing at all the birth anouncements and reading the newest post on the SMC-trying webpage when I should be focusing on work.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back from Vacation

The cruise was exactly what I needed. From beginning to end, the trip was great. Great weather, great food, great islands. I absolutely loved the serenity deck they had on the ship. I especially loved the fact that I didn't need to fight for a lounge chair during the at-sea-days. The best island was San Juan, PR. I would move there in a heartbeat. We did an excursion through the rainforest and then headed back into Old San Juan which was absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad I saw Grand Turk and Nassau but I'm not sure I would ever want to go back.

We had so much fun we are already planning the next one. Unfortunately for my parents, they want to go next year around the same time, however, I am hoping to try for a baby again at the end of March which would put my due date around New Years and there is no way I can take a newborn on a cruise. Maybe when the baby is a few months older. Lets see how that all plays out. (Notice the positive thinking, haha, I really hope this IUI works this time!)

Just a few more weeks and I can order some swimmers!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Absolute Madness

How is it that a few days before leaving for vacation, my workload suddenly quadruples? Our marketing lady decided I did such a great job on the grant application that I won in October that I should do another one, this time for 8 million. Oh, and I have 1 day and half instead of the three hellish weeks I got for the last application. haha. Is she bleepin' crazy? Looks like I'm spending the next two nights here.

I decided to get some balls and reminded her that I wasn't willing to cancel my vacation and that I WILL be leaving here no later than 8am on Saturday for my 16 hour drive to Miami and I WILL have a full nights worth of sleep before I leave.

I hate it that she doesn't read the requirements for the proposal enough to realize this requires much more time to prepare. I feel bad for the client because there is no flipping way they are going to get a high-end proposal to submit with this type of time crunch. There are so many other high priority projects going on here right now, I can't even get anyone to help me out. Yes, my office is one stressful place this month.

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.

However, in 3 days I will be laying on the beach somewhere, sipping on pina coladas, man watching, and relaxing. All of this nonsense will be miles away. I can hear the waves already. ahhh.

Yesterday, I checked to make sure my first pick donor was still available and he has plenty of vials left. I have my big purchase marked on my calender for Feb. 18th, one week after my follow-up appointment with the gyno. I can't wait to be back in the game!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We were watching Eat,Pray,Love on New Years day (great book, movie not-so-much) and in the movie Liz and her friends are around a table discussing what is the best single word that describes themselves. I remember reading this scene in the book and being driven to sheer panic because I couldn't find THAT one word. I think over the years I realized I'm not just one word, and it's OK. Unfortunately, I'm not so sure what my word(s) is/are. I guess it depends on the day. Indecisive, driven, ballsy, shy, ditsy, genius, arrogant, bossy, generous, lonely, sunshine. I realize I'm a walking contradiction. Hmm, maybe that should be my word. I guess for right now I'll go back to being untitled.

Christmas and New Years went really well. It was great spending time with the family and friends especially my friend C. who ended up having her baby on New Years day (Not the first baby of the New Year, so no free baby gear).

New years resolution:
Don't try to lose weight (Although I definitely need too);
stop playing on the internet while at work (failing miserably at it today);
pay off my car;
and finally get knocked up!

Here's to a Great New Year :)