Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How do people afford IVF?

I recently read on a fellow bloggers site that she is skipping IUI number 3 and going straight to IVF. I completely understand her frustration, I'm in the same boat and considered the same thing. However,after talking to my RE about going straight for IVF in August, I realised it would be really difficult to afford it. He said $10K minimum but could range to $13K. I know in the long run, statistics show better success rates with IVF opposed to IUI's, so I feel it is definitely worth the shot.

I guess my big question is how do you pay for IVF? Finance it, savings, second mortgage? Any thoughts blogging world? How did you come up with the funds for such an important investment?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ready to move, take 2

I am so ready to move out of this stinkin' apartment! They have entered my apartment 2wice in the last week with zero notification. Very illegal. I thought it would be fun to play spy just to see why they were entering (because they are clearly not in there to fix anything), and caught the last illegal entry on video tape. Looks like the leasing agent was going through my drawers, (It appears like she didn't take anything). I'm feeling pretty violated at this point and cannot wait to leave. Next thursday is the big day and then Adios A-holes!!

I paid off another big bill this week, just leaving one more and then, with the exception of my car payment and student loans, I am DEBT FREE! hallelujah. That means I can enjoy my cruise in January and start trying again in February. I cannot wait.

The most amazing thing that happen this week is I won $1.5 million dollars this week. Seriously. The big grant proposal I struggled through in August, we won it! Beating out 1100 applications (225 completed applications). Of course this all goes to the city but in a long about way it might go mostly back to my employer (thus me) if we get awarded the project. I'm sensing a raise ;) It's really exciting and I'm still in absolute shock over it. If I get a larger raise off of this, baby making time might come earlier. Crossing my fingers.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Another friend announced their pregnancy this morning. I'm rather shocked but mostly heartbroken. She's a really nice person, a fun person to be around and I'm happy for her. I think what I find disturbing is we had just had a conversation 2 months ago about me trying to get pregnant and although she was supportive of my decision she made it clear she never wanted kids, found children annoying etc. Why do people who really don't want children or people who shouldn't have a child become pregnant so easily?

I know in this situation the best thing to do is keep my mouth closed and help her as much as possible. When she was talking about her positive hpt, I could tell she was still freaking out about becoming a single mother. She's never held a baby before, changed a diaper, nada. She's still the typical mid twenties party girl. She will definitely survive, she's a strong person. Just deep down in side I wish it was me (just not under the same circumstances).

I'm still hoping to try my next round of IUI's at the end of November, but it's looking less likely to happen. To raise some funds, I've been picking up hours like crazy and have been selling my books on amazon. I love amazon.