Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving Day

There's a moving truck outside the weird guys townhouse.  Could it be moving day???? 

I spent the weekend putting together a few toys for Gavin.  Like the Laugh and Learn Musical Table : and the Musical Dino:  Oh my, what did I get myself into!  We sat and played on the floor for almost three hours.  He just couldn't get enough.  Neither could the dog.  Cooper kept stealing the balls from the musical dino and running away with them.  Gavin's balance is starting to get well enough for him to sit up and lean forward on his hands.  It made me realize it will only be a matter of time before he is truly mobile.  He's already pulling himself up by grabbing on the crib rails but has still not been able to pull into a complete standing position.  He's growing up to fast!!  I decided to finally bite the bullet and lower his crib and take down the mobile which connects to the side of his crib. 

One of the first steps to recover from an addiction is to admit you have a problem....I am addicted to clearance shopping and couponing.  I swear I get a high off of making a killing.  It's a dangerous feeling. Last week I stopped into JCpenneys the day they put all of their summer clothes on clearance.  I figured I could get Gavin all his clothes for next summer.  A lot of the shirts were on sale for $2 and the shorts where on sale for $4 to $5, just to name a few of the great deals.  My stoller has a U-shaped handle bar which I filled with clothes and then piled more over the top of the canopy.  Let's just say I was getting a couple of dirty looks in the store.  In total I purchased 48 items (some of which were full outfits) ranging from size 18mos (which he will be in in a couple of weeks) to 3T.  Using a $10 off coupon which I paired up with a 20% of coupon, I paid $132. BAM!! The only thing I will need to buy next summer is shoes, socks, a swim suit, 2 pairs of pajamas in 2T, and 3 pairs of pajamas in 3T.  I wasn't exactly planning on spending that kind of money this week but I am hoping that it will all pay off next summer when I would probably have to spend two to three times as much to get the same amount of clothing. 

I need to keep this new addiction in check or my apartment will start looking like an episode of hoarders.  The two new toys Gavin got take up a lot of space which we don't really have.  Add that to the clothes he has already outgrown and the ones I just purchased and I am pretty sure I am going to have huge storage issue by the end of next year.  I don't want to get rid of his old clothes until I get pregnant again and find out the gender of the new baby.  I need to find a solution and quick.  Clutter stresses me out!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm surrounded by A-holes

Things at home have been really quiet.  Scary guy hasn't been seen since last week and I am A-ok with that.  I tested out my new pepper spray.  Did you know it can take paint off the walls?  Lol.  Don't ask....

Work has been a whole other battle.  I know I have talked about my co-workers in the past and how they tend to do a lot of illegal crap (making us pray before meetings, discrimination based on gender, etc).  Well I can add another one to the list.  We posted for a new job position in my department and have been flooded with resumes.  While some of the people who have applied do not fill the level of education or experience we need, we have had some stellar applicants that well exceed the necessary qualifications.  On Friday, my boss was on speaker phone with another one of my co-workers and was reading a very quailified applicants resume to him.  This woman's resume was amazing and as I heard what my boss was saying, I kept thinking we need to get this woman in here ASAP for interview.  When my boss finished reading outloud the resume he said "she sounds great, but she is ethnically diversed" ... as in she is African American.  It was like a needle scratching a record.  I could hear everyone stationed around me stop typing immediately.  I slowly stood up and walked over to my neighbor's cubicle at whispered to her "did I hear what I think I just heard".  By the look on her face I could tell she had.  She just shook her head in disgust.  I guess crap like this shouldn't be shocking to me anymore, but it still gets to me. 

Just a few weeks ago, my boss was trying to organize a group outing to support Chick-fila.  I told him I would pass on the offer because I try not to support company's and organizations that are pro-hate.  He told me I should go to support free speech.  Lol.....nice try.  I try not to get involved in all this political crap at work.  I think because I don't vocalize that I disagree with their view point they automatically assume that I agree with them and their ultra-conservative ways. Needless to say, I think I ruffled his feathers with my anti-hate comment.  Gosh, this got me thinking... I hope my company is not sending money to anti-gay groups... Nahhhh we just give money to politicians...

So I had an issue with a project today and needed to find out the exact verbage and proper interpretation of the law that effected the project.  I went to my boss and he had no idea there was even a law in place that would govern this project.  1st big facepalm of the day.  I go to idiot manager and he doesn't know anything about it either. 2nd facepalm of the day.  I call a friend who works in my field for another firm and he helps me with my questions.  To be nice (why do I even try?), I go back to idiot manager and tell him what I've learned so that when this issue comes up again he will A) know that yes... their is a law for this and B) he will know the proper protocol to handle this situation.  His response:  Laws are for lawyers, we don't need to know this. I give up.....

As I have said before, I am really excited to try for baby no. 2.  A wrench may have just been thrown in the wheel however.  My RE just retired and a new mega-IVF facility is taking over his practice. I haven't been able to make an appointment with their financial counselor yet, but it sounds like their charges for IUI's are almost double what I have been paying.  I'm hoping my research is wrong but it is not looking good.   

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Something is Still Strange in The Air

Where to begin.... From Sunday the 22nd of July until August 4th, I mostly stayed in doors unless I had to go to work or quickly let the dog out the back door.  Since nothing had happen, I was starting feel like I could let my guard down a bit.  I also noticed that I hadn't seen the boys outside at the park during this time period and the Dad's girlfriend had her car parked in the same stall, with it's windows rolled down for this whole time period.  It was odd and completely unlike the boys to never come out.  I was increasingly getting more and more worried that something happened to the kids.  I had not shared with anyone what I knew about the police situation because A) I didn't want anyone else to get involved B) know how gossipy people could be and was afraid someone would tell the Dad that I am the reason the cop was at their door; so I couldn't really go and start asking around if anyone had seen the kids.  

Finally, on Saturday I was walking outside to quick let the dog out when I saw the boys running towards me.  I played it cool and said hello.  The boys petted the dog for a few minutes but kept looking behind them.  I asked why they were acting so funny and they told me that they were scared that their dad would catch me talking to them. That's when the oldest said that their Dad thought I called the police on them and that if he saw me outside he was going to beat me up, break the windows on my car and slash my tires.  I told them it was a shame their Dad was blaming me for the cops being at their house and that I really thought they were both good kids and that the dog liked when they came over to play with him.  But then I asked if their Dad told them that he would do this all to me if he saw me, why where they talking to me.  The oldest started to tear up and said they were flying back to Cali later that day so they wanted to say goodbye.  Then he told me they snuck out of the house when their dad wasn't looking.  They have been forced to stay in the house for the last two weeks.  I told them how sorry I was to hear that they weren't allowed to play outside.  The youngest then said that his dad wouldn't even let his girlfriend outside.  I got the feeling like this guy is just crazy paranoid and barricaded everyone in the house.  I told the boys that in a couple of hours they will be back by their moms and everything will be ok.  They quick gave my dog and I a  hug goodbye and they ran back in the direction of their house. 

After their conversation, I just kept kicking myself for feeling like I should be doing more.  The next morning, Gavin and I were heading out to my car when I saw their Dad out on their front porch with a cigarrette. I pretended like I didn't see him.  He first flipped me off and then made a gesture with his hands like he was shooting a gun at me.  I kept it together, got Gavin in the car and took off.  My heart was beating a mile a minute.

When I got back later that afternoon, my next door neighbor approached me and asked if I was ok.  I asked her why and she said she saw what the crazy dad was doing when he saw me.  I told her I was ok and just told her that he had been harrassing me for sometime now.  She insisted we go talk to the apartment complex and unlike my last conversation with the apartment complex which resulted in nothing, they are now starting the proceedings to evict him from the premises. The leasing agent said she was going to make a call to CPS since I was to afraid to but will mentioned me when she sits down with them so I can provide them with what I know.  I'm hoping this will help to get my name out of the report. 

I just need to get through the next couple of weeks safely, and we can finally get this wack-job out of the apartment complex.   I can't wait for this all to be over with, I just hope that the boys never have to go back to this idiot. 

On the brightside of staying indoors for so long, Gavin has had more tummy time than normal.  He can roll all over the floor to get to where he wants to go.  He has also started to give me kisses. It's pretty humerous when he does it because he opens his mouth really wide and plants one on me.  Sloppy kisses but oh so adorable.