Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nothing New

Nothing much to report. I move in a month and am really looking forward to having the extra space.

After talking to a few co-workers, I really realized I have a good thing going on here and am just oblivious to it. I'm so caught up on getting closer to my hometown, instead of trying to make a new life here. In other news, big boss man is looking at making me the official grant writer for our company. I have 9 grant proposals slated for the next few months. Its a lot, and a bit overwhelming but I'm up for the challenge. The best part about it is they might let me become a certified grant writer which means a week long training class and exam in Clearwater, Florida next month. The hotel is pretty fantastic; right on the gulf, 1/4mile from the beach, awesome pool, sexy cabana boys......sorry just drifted off :)

I just hope if I become certified, I can still continue doing planning work. It's my true passion and I can't imagine not continuing on my career path.

I'm still hoping to do a cycle in November, but I have somewhat lost my optimisim. I have started to reconsider becoming a foster parent and domestic adoption but I do want to keep trying IUI's. I wonder if my donor doesn't jive with me. Has anyone else change their donor after two cycles? How many tries should I do before I change donors?


Tiara said...

Sounds like work is looking good for you! Congrats!

I'm not sure about the protocol for changing donors as I think it varies but I did read this article that seemed interesting:

Paige said...

Sounds like great steps forward at work. If you have any doubts, I think changing donors might be just the ticket. Do you know if the donor is responsible for any previous pregnancyies? If not, it might be worth it to find a proven one.