Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How do people afford IVF?

I recently read on a fellow bloggers site that she is skipping IUI number 3 and going straight to IVF. I completely understand her frustration, I'm in the same boat and considered the same thing. However,after talking to my RE about going straight for IVF in August, I realised it would be really difficult to afford it. He said $10K minimum but could range to $13K. I know in the long run, statistics show better success rates with IVF opposed to IUI's, so I feel it is definitely worth the shot.

I guess my big question is how do you pay for IVF? Finance it, savings, second mortgage? Any thoughts blogging world? How did you come up with the funds for such an important investment?


Tiara said...

IVF wouldn't have been an option for me because even living in Ontario where so many costs are covered by our healthcare, it still would have been cost prohibitive for me.

One thing to think about is whether or not you want to be in debt once baby comes or how much debt would be managable with baby expenses as well...

Gille said...

I would look at individual clinics, IVF grants, scholarships. I can't remember any specific names but when I was doing my IVF two clinics I was interested in were doing drawings for IVF. There are places that have financial assistance as well. Basically spending a lot of time googling to find it all.

If that doesn't work, then yeah, financing it. I looked into loans, using collateral, that kind of thing. Much like Tiara said, can you manage that amount of debt after the baby? Though its not ideal, my answer was yes if all else failed.