Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Stranger

This post has been a long time in the making.  So much has happened in the last few weeks, I don't think I can get it all down but I will try my best. 

Gavin started scooting around.  When I put him to bed, I can guarantee that, by the time he wakes up, he will be in a completely different location in his crib.  He doesn't want to be held like a baby anymore, he has to be standing or sitting up.  If I don't comply, he gets pretty mad about it. At his four month appointment, He weighed 17lbs 4 oz and was 25 3/4 inches long.  He's a big boy.  Since he doesn't really like to be toted around in his car seat when we go shopping, I am almost always using my ergo or carrying him in my arms.  It's kind of a good thing because I notice my arms are getting a nice toned look to them. 

Gavin has only gotten me one time while changing his diaper but in the last week it seems like everytime I start changing him, he pees.  He still hasn't been able to get me this week but I just know my luck is going to run out.  I think I'm going to bust out my plastic cover up I got from Maiden in the Mist (Niagra Falls) the next time I change him.

Since the little man has become a little more vocal, I decided to start introducing him to different types of music.  This last week we were listening to the Beetles, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley.  He seems to have taken a liking to Elvis and shakes his arms to the sound of his music.  Gotta love that Jailhouse Rock.

Work....hmmm......Same crap, different day.  But things are changing big time.  Since the owners son left, another one of my co-workers quit as well.  I happened to be in the owner's office talking about another project when he asked about our gigantic project that my boss has been mismanaging.  I was taken off the project when I returned from my maternity leave so all that has been going on (or more like not going on) has nothing to do with me, I'm merely a spectator.  I was unaware that the owner had just received the resignation letter from my  co-worker when he asked how things were going.  Since being taken off the project, I've taken the stance to just let my boss and my evil ex-manager to do what they want to do and see if they will succeed or fall on their face. I just do what I am told to do and don't give my opinions anymore.   I told the owner that I have overheard conversations (more like arguements) with the client stating that our company was not going to do some of the work that the owner's son and I said we were going to do for them.  I was also aware that we turned in the first phase of the project yet I could not figure out how they did this when the most essential aspect of that phase (computer software development project) had still not been started.  Furthermore, when we signed the contract for this project, it was made clear to us that if were going to develop this software, we were suppose to begin it's development the minute the contract was signed.  This contract was signed over a year ago and yet they have started nothing.  Sigh...
Worse yet, my boss was having our intern write the bulk of the first phase document.  She's an intern with no prior experience and a writing level of a high schooler.  She's a sweet girl but she has a lot to learn and should have never been place in position to write such an important document. Seriously they were sentences written in this document that remind me of "See spot run".  This is not the way to run a million dollar project.

It was like this was the first time that I was ever heard.  The owner told me about how the client just called and was threatening to remove our company from the project and that he couldn't believe this project was being so mismanaged.  Then he told me that the co-worker who just quit basically stated all the things I've just said.  For once, I got the feeling like they actually took what I was saying seriously.  We sat around for another hour discussing how we could get this project and my department turned around.  The owner told me he was going to bring someone else on board to share the management responsibilities with my boss and we were going to subcontract out a ton of work since we no longer have the man power to get this phase of the project done correctly.  After our meeting, it was clear that he lit a fire under my boss and ex-managers ass because they have been running around like crazy.  I am now somewhat back on the project and on, what I like to call, disaster recovery duties. 

In the last week things have been so different.  The new co-boss is amazing, a great facilitator and actually understands what my profession actually does.  I hope I don't jinx myself, but things are going really well.  Let's hope it stays on this trajectory.

I'm still trying to figure out how the new healthcare law is going to effect my insurance.  A couple of my co-workers said our "cadillac" healthcare plan will be cut dramatically since our company acts as it's own insurance company.  I hope they are wrong because that might really change my plans to try for baby #2.

I made a last minute decision to drive back home to WI this weekend.  I am going to leave after work on Thursday and drive through the night in hopes that Gavin will sleep the whole way there.  Wish me luck!

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Little One said...

It seems like it was only a few days ago that I was watching your widget countdown and now Gavin is moving around. I can't believe it!