Friday, June 22, 2012

Things are Looking Up

Gav's congestion is starting to breakup, thank god.  The poor guy is one nasally mess but at least he is starting to get some of this gunk out of his body.  I was looking forward to taking him to a local amusement and water park this weekend, but I can't imagine him making that quick of a recovery so we are going to stay home and take it easy this weekend.  I was a little disappointed at first but on the other hand I'm glad because I won't have to squeeze into a swimming suit.  I have a suit I bought last year and it cost me a small fortune.  While in general I am back to my pre-baby weight, my belly is more squishy and I could really use loosing another 50 lbs.  Needless to say, the swimsuit doesn't fit me that well anymore so I was dreading to have to wear the thing.  I'm sure with me in it, it would just look like a sausage casing with me spilling over the top. is going out of business and is liquidating a lot of merchandise so I ordered an ergobaby carrier.  It sad that this is the most exciting thing happening right now but I have to say I am so psyched to get this thing and try it out. I have a moby that I used a lot when Gavin was smaller but now that he weighs 17lbs and wants to wiggle around, I just don't feel it's safe anymore.   The carrier purchase was such an impulse buy but I doubt I would be able to find one for $80 again.  Plus I've heard so many great reviews for it, I had to give it a shot.

I don't think I mentioned it in any of my post, but for the last week everytime I got home my air conditioner would not be working.  The blower would be on but nothing but hot air would be coming out.  The temp in the house would be around 85 making life miserable for my dog and cat.  I called the apartment complex maintenance guy everyday about it, he would come out, tell me I blew a fuse, reset it and head out.  Last night it happened again but this time I just went outside to monkey with it myself.  While I was out there the usual group of neighborhood kids were playing at the adjacent park.  I noticed they were watching me intently which I thought was a little odd. I got the AC working and went back inside. I have a little side window that looks out over the AC unit.  As I was passing by it to sit in my living room I notice this herd of kids heading over to the AC unit.  I decided to hide behind a curtain so I could watch what they were going to do.  I watched them pull off the panel on the AC unit and turn the AC off again.  I couldn't believe it.  I went out there and asked them to please stop playing with the unit.  They told me it was their spaceship and that they had to turn it off to keep it from blasting off.  I was kind of mad about the whole thing but I have to say their response was kind of cute.  Let's hope they didn't decide to play with their "spaceship" today because I really don't want to come home to hot house.


MN said...

You might need to mention the AC situation to the apartment folks so they can talk with the parents of the kids. I hope they stop. I hate being miserably hot.

Ali said...

Glad to hear Gav is feeling a little better, it is always scary when a little one isn't feeling well.

That is pretty funny about the kids and AC. Although, I'm sure the heat isn't so fun!

Tiara said...

So glad Gavin is feeling better! Hope you have a quiet weekend & your "spaceship" keeps you cool :)

Little One said...

As a teacher, I know kids will be kids...but if this continues, you will need to be in touch with the supervisor to talk to the families. Your home is off limits to children. Good detective work!