Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hello Stranger!

I am a horrible blogger!  Work has been so crazy that by the time I have a free moment to myself, I just want to sleep.  Gavin will be a year old in 24 days!  He has been cruising around the furniture for the last few months but is now standing on his own and take three steps without assistance.  He hasn't gotten any more teeth in (He has 4 uppers and two lowers).  I weened him off the bottle and baby food last month to prepare for our cruise that we are taking at the end of the month.  I was going to take him up to Wisconsin to have his first birthday with my family, but in Mid-December I landed a great deal on a balcony cabin that had a cruise date that happened to fall around Gavin's birthday.

I had an appointment to talk to my new RE in February, but I got a call in the middle of January to see if I wanted to come in early. Hell yes!! I nearly fell off my chair when the RE reviewed my chart and told me that my last RE should have not had me doing back to back IUI's and injectables.  He said with my numbers, it was clear that the previous RE was just trying to get as much money off of me as possible.  The new RE said that I should only be taking clomid, ovidrel and have one IUI done each cycle.   Total cost: $525 (my insurance covers ultrasounds and lab tests).   My previous RE was charging $1000 a cycle(Meds and IUI's).  I was so thrilled to hear the cost that I have decided to start trying next month!  I think the best part of only one IUI per cycle is the possibility that I can do more than 3 cycles (I only have 6 vials of Gavin's donor) if I need too.  Baby fever is in full-effect!!!

Speaking of babies, my little one just woke up from a nap. Got to go!


Abby said...

wow, lots of exciting news! that's awesome that your new RE is so upfront with you, and that you'll have the money for extra tries... hopefully you won't need them!

i'm in awe of moms who are ready to T42 at one year!

Little One said...

So glad to hear you're back! Gavin is almost a year???? when did that happen? Good luck T42! I'm due in July. Glad you found an honest RE!

R said...

That's awesome about the new RE. Good luck with T42!