Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moving Forward And Not Looking Back

After screwing up my FDA lab work (infectious disease lab work) for a second time, and finding out that the doctor's office has lost the FDA paperwork sent by my cryogenic facility for a third time, I am calling it quits with my new RE.  Filling out proper paperwork and labs should not be harder than going through a cycle. 

As I shared my experience of the doctor's office with a co-worker, she reminded me to re-check which doctors are in our network, because we switched insurance companies again Jan 1st.  I seriously was jumping up and down in my office when I found out my old RE, Dr. B was now back in my network.

Ever since Friday, things have just fallen into place perfectly.  When I called Dr. B's office to set up an appointment, they offered to let me come in on Wednesday afternoon, which I gladly took.  Walking into the office, it was like being welcomed back home.  They are just so friendly, caring and compassionate.  Dr B sat down and explained that he would not trust the low AMH numbers but he wanted to run the tests again just in case.  Unlike the last doctor, he said it was important to do back to back IUI's because we are using frozen sperm which tend not to live as long as fresh (makes sense to me). Without me even telling him what protocol the last doctor wanted to do, he said he wanted to start me off at the gonal-f dose I was on when I got pregnant with Gavin and that to do anything less would just be going backwards.  When, I left the house this morning, I got a phone call stating that they have everything place, with the exception of the infectious disease testing (which they said I could just get done at the local hospital and have my insurance cover it), and that I could start my first cycle anytime I wanted.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

What is even more exciting is that five minutes before my appointment I got a phone call from the a drug rep that said I qualified for their free medication program!   I will get one cycle of medication (up to $3000 worth) for FREE!  I've been doing the happy dance all over the place:)


Tiara said...

Doing the happy dance for you! So glad things are falling into place for you!

R said...

Oh yay! That's awesome that you're back with your original RE and that things are going so well. Best of luck with #2!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I had such a good experience with the people at my clinic, and I love hearing about other people being treated well. Good luck!!

Abby said...

so much great news! hooray!