Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can I do this?

So I have to say that the conversation with the RE finally sunk in. I originally thought the chance of twins was around 7% and triplets was around .03%. Those are odds I am willing to play. Now that the RE said my percentage is more like 20% and 1-3%, I'm not feeling so confident. I have met plenty of single mothers who have done well with one child (even some whom have gone on to have another a few years later) and have managed. But two or three at the same time?

Needless to say, I have not gotten a lot of sleep the last few nights. On one hand the possibility of twins is exciting. I really want to have two children eventually so it would work out well in that aspect. Dressing them a like, watching the two play together, etc. But then I think of the health concerns that may pop up during a pregnancy with multiples. It scares me. Will I be brave enough to handle having my babies in the NICU? Will I be able to handle if all financially? Can I handle a long time on bedrest? I guess I jumping way ahead of myself, but I just like to be prepared as much as possible.

God, I sound neurotic.

To top it off, I have developed a mad crush on a co-worker. When I'm around him, all I think about having his lips on mine. We've worked together for a year, and honestly, we rarely talked until recently. I have no idea why I am suddenly so attracted to him now when 6 months ago I wouldn't even look in his direction. Maybe all this baby business is bring up all my sexual frustrations. Oh fun:)


Me Plus One said...

I totally hear where you're coming from about stressing over the possibilities of multiples...I too was concerned about doing a medicated cycle for the same reason but when I looked at it as 80% of NOT having twins, the odds didn't seem too scary...

Mama Time Bomb said...

Aren't crushes fun? Hee. :)

Don't know what to tell you about the possibility of having twins or more. They always say though, that life (or God, as you see it) doesn't throw you more than you can handle.