Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been working like a mad woman lately. I've put in at least 60 hours at the day job and 15-20 at the restaurant. I'm exhausted and I need to slow down, but I want to put money away so I can have enough to take a larger maternity leave. Maybe I will try to leave a little early today and get a little shut eye before heading to the restaurant tonight.

Although I'm exhausted, I'm excited for my first lab work. I go in at 8:30 tomorrow. Next week I get my HSG done and then I will be ready to start next cycle. WOOT WOOT.


Me Plus One said...

Good luck tomorrow & with the HSG nex week!!

Meg said...

So exciting!!
I hate needles but I was excited about my first labs too (then I went back to hating needles!). Good luck and remember to take some ad.vil before the HSG.

'they' say you're more fertile in the months following an HSG.