Friday, May 7, 2010


So in the beginning of the procedure, when they put the catheter through the cervix, it just wasn't that bad. BUT when they started to put the dye through...OMG. I started to cry, it hurt so badly. The doctor said my scarring was making it difficult to get the dye through. 5 hours later, I am still having cramps. I'm just glad it's over with. Besides the pain, my results showed no abnormalities so I can officially start trying.. YIPPEE.

I gave my family my top three donor picks. They have named them: Mr. Dimples, Tall guy, and Freckles. Hilarious. Mr. Dimples is in the lead. It cracks me up to hear what characteristics are the most important to them. It seems the amount of body hair he has is a huge factor to them. I couldn't stop laughing because they were on the topic for about 30 minutes before we could move on. Beware of the Hair!


Meg said...

Ugh, sorry it was so painful.
Great news that everything is all clear!

That's cool that your family is so comfortable with this that they are helping you pick out a donor.

Billy said...

Sorry it was so painful. Glad though that the results showed that all's o.k.

Me Plus One said...

Sorry you the HSG was so painful for least you got good results out of it!