Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Man Juice has been ordered!

I placed the order on Friday. In ~2weeks I start the injectables.

I want to say I'm super psyched about the insem coming up but problems at work have taken the joy away from the occasion. My married supervisor and the intern have been in a relationship (of some sort) for a few years and it continuously affects my work. They are both young and have a lot to learn. I have tried to take the high road in the situation, being friendly, invite them out, etc., but the intern turns me into the butt of their jokes and continuously criticizes my ability to do my job. The supervisor eggs the intern on and they both act inappropriately in and outside of the workplace. Although I know I work really hard and have proven to upper management that I am worth keeping, my supervisor controls the assignments I receive. Projects are continuously passed to the intern because it is a "learning experience". The intern regularly refuses work that the intern deems to be below the interns station, so the supervisor has me do it. I don't mind because it needs to get done, but there is no way I would ever let an intern dictate what a intern will or wont do. I recently had a project that the intern was suppose to do work on. The intern chose to only do half and made the rest appear as if the intern had finished it. The client noticed before I did, making it a very embarrasing situation. Thank god the client loves our company and the client took it in stride. Upon addressing the situation with the supervisor, the supervisor made numerous excuses for the interns behavior, but never punished the intern. In fact, the intern got a really important project shortly afterwards. WTF?

There is two years worth of gory details which I will spare you from. I don't mind if someone doesn't like me, but I draw the line when someone sabatoges projects and prevents me from getting ahead because of hate. Upper management have been well aware of the situation but I think they are afraid to deal with it because it has to do with an affair. I keep my head held high but I am really getting worn down on the situation. I'm tired of crying about it and am afraid of how the stress of the situation will affect my ability to become pregnant.


Tiara said...

I'm sorry that your work situation is clouding your ability to enjoy this TTC time...since it's been ongoing for two years, it doesn't sound like it'll get better either. I know it's lame to say, but it's just so unfair!!

Billy said...

That sucks working in a situation like that. And yes, unfair.

But yay for sperm being ordered!