Monday, July 19, 2010

Game On

After reading a couple of comments from my last post (Thank you ladies), I decided to go ahead and do this cycle. I think moving during my 2ww would be a great way to keep my mind off of things.

I need to be honest here, I also want to do this next cycle because I have had four friends announce their pregnancies this week. Every announcement was more heartbreaking for me than the last. I am truly excited for all of them, I just wish I was a step closer to being called mommy. There are no amount of bills I can pay off or Caribbean vacations that I take that will satisfy this deep seeded need of having a child. Sometimes I start thinking about delaying my next IUI out of the fear of the physical, mental, and financial consequences associated with having a child as a SMC. I just have to continue to remind myself that problems always seem to work themselves out. So in the end I decided "Game on" or as a good friend told me "Suit up!" I should start my cycle around the 26th and I am so pumped for it (never thought I would say that about my period). Is anyone else cycling next month?

Just a little side question, has anyone else gained gobs of weight after being on clomid or gonal-f? I gained 12 lbs last month (I'm still working to lose them) and it all seems to be in my boobs, which is the last place I need excess weight.


Tiara said...

Glad to hear you made a's hoping this will be your last cycle for a while!

Yes, I've gained about 10+ lbs since my 1st Clomid round in's disheartening since I have been eating a lot healthier plus exercising...

hopefulcc said...

Love the "suit up!" comment! So great you are trying with your next cycle. (I can relate to the "ugh, another missed egg opportunity" when I had to delay ttc for a couple of months)
Good luck with the move--sounds like the bigger place will be worth it when you have your baby! I'll be starting to try next month--probably a couple of weeks after you.

Hera said...

Hey! First, you are such an awesome blog-land friend. Thanks for checking in on me during my self-imposed isolation period!
Secondly, yes, I did gain weight during clomid, but that's because I like to eat. I can't blame anyone but myself.
Sending you good vibes - can't wait to hear more and am glad you're still trying!