Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Back

My vacation was great. I started with visiting friends in Chicago. They live downtown so when I arrived at 10pm, we decided to take my dog for a walk around Rush Street and the beach. It was nice being in a city that doesn't close up after 9pm. It really got me thinking about how miserable I am in my current location. I've been begging my boss to let me move into our other office, which is located in a major metropolitan area. Since the transition into the other office doesn't look possible, I think I might start casually looking for another job. When I moved here, I promised myself I would only stay 4 years. I'm going to hit the 2 yr mark in October. I can't imagine lasting another 2 years.

It was great seeing my friends, I miss being around them. I'm really excited for my best friends husband. He got a job opening a new restaurant with the winner from Top Chef. I think that's awesome! I really hope it starts to open up some new opportunities for them. They really deserve it after all the hard work they have endured to get to where they are in life.

My dog is so funny. He normally sleeps in bed with me, but since I was sleeping on the couch he insisted on sleeping on top of me. He weighs 92 lbs! Around 4:30 in the morning I could hear the tell tale signs of him getting sick (He was still laying on top of me). I didn't want him throwing up on the couch, or me, so I tried to quietly chase him into the kitchen. We circled the coffee table twice, pass the kitchen and straight back to the doorway of my friends bedroom where he threw up. I was mortified! I tried to clean it up but all I could find was some paper toweling and some water. I did what I could so they wouldn't step into it when they left their bedroom. Thankfully Sara saw it right away and helped me clean the rest of it up in the morning. Thank god my friends have a good sense of humor!

After Chicago, I went to the family cabin in the Nort' Woods of Wisconsin. Man do I miss every one's accents. Yahder ey! It's always fun spending time around the campfire, shooting the $hit. I went to the casino and won $50. That never happens so I guess I got pretty lucky.

Unfortunately the fire works got rained out and their was a ridiculous amount of mosquito's this weekend so we spent most of the day indoors. I watched "Edge of Darkness" for the first time. What a great movie. There was a couple times where I jumped out of my seat!

Towards the end of the trip, I went back to see my family in Milwaukee for a few days. Mom and I just sat around and talked. Of course no visit home is complete without a short shopping trip. I was very well behaved this time and spent $12. I've put myself on a very tight budget for the trip and was really proud of myself for not going overboard on this vacation.

I came back on Wednesday night to a flooded bathroom in my apartment. It seems like water is leaking from the upstairs apartments bathtub. When I got home there wasn't any water coming from the ceiling but the floor was wet and plaster from the ceiling was on the ground. The maintenance guy came to look at but said it could wait a couple days before they fixed it. He was dead wrong because last night most of the ceiling came crashing down and it looked like it was raining buckets into my bathroom. I called the maintenance guy 4 times and nobody ever came. Around 11pm the water slowed to a trickle so I finally went to bed. I still have no idea if they are fixing it today.

What a semi-depressing post! On the positive side 2 weeks before I start my next cycle!! I can't wait!


Shannon said...

What an icky end to a great vacation! I hope getting your ceiling fixed ins't too much of an ordeal.

We might be cycling together - if all goes on schedule I should start in 3weeks, so just a little behind you! :)

Gille said...

Wow! That is definitely a mess to come back to. Hopefully it will be fixed up soon.

Sounds like a great vacation even with the dog puking on the floor. Good friend you got there!

I'm feeling the same with my job situation so I don't blame you for looking elsewhere.

Tiara said...

What a horrible way to come home! Welcome back though! Glad to hear you had a great vacation...good luck with the job hunt.

madrectia said...

Sounds like you vacation went well I am so glad! I can relate to coming home to bad things, one time after a vacation we came home and found out that our air conditioner had stopped working sometime during the middle of the week and in July in the SW you need an air conditioner, even the toilet seats were HOT!! It was terrible we had to spend a week in a half in the hotel next to our house before we could get a new one installed and have our dogs boarded that much longer- I just couldn't wait to be home after that!! Can't wait to hear about your next cycle--wishing you good luck and sending you positive thoughts!