Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dark Day

I cannot even begin to express how sad it was to hear about Paige's loss. Please make sure to visit her blog to help her get through this tough time.


It's been a dark couple of days. It's just all a sad situation. Crazy supervisor has become so desperate for attention from the bosses he's progressed from flat out lying about ideas that aren't his to dressing up and trying to crash meetings he is not even invited to. It normally would just irk me but he's getting so clearly desperate I actually feel bad for him. I think I'm starting to watch someone become unraveled. Maybe I shouldn't feel bad for this guy, afterall he made this mess for himself.

We have a xmas dinner at the boss's house next week. It's normally a good time to get together and not talk "business" while enjoying the bosses wife's amazing cooking skills. However this year I cringed when I got the e-vite. The whole idea of having to spend non-work time with the supervisor is not what I would consider a "good" time. It's not even him I care about so much, but his wife. Undoubtly he did not tell her the REAL reason the intern got fired, or how he nearly lost his job. I'm sure the blame was settled squarely on my shoulders according to him. Seriously, I cannot imagine him coming home and saying "Honey, the intern got fired today because the two of us spent too much time screwing and kissing in the office and on our lunch break. Oohhh and I might lose my job too but I will find that out on monday." shrug and sigh. end scene.

Last night was the first night in a very long time that I didn't dream of having a baby. Odd. In away, not dreaming and obsessing about it has taken some pressure off of me today yet it still made me feel a little sad, like my mind has given up on the notion.


Tiara said...

The work dinner definitely doesn't sound like something to look forward to. Hopefully it goes better than expected.

Shannon said...

The horrible situation at work and the upcoming dinner are both enough to keep your mind so busy that it doesn't have time to share dreams of your heart's deepest desire.

I'm so sorry work is even worse. Is this guy ever going to get sacked?