Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome to Crazy Town

It's amazing how things change so quickly. I have continued on my tour of apologies and I have to say this is flat out humiliating. I can keep it together in the hallways and when talking to the people that I haven't really gotten to know all that well or know there is not a chance in hell I could have pissed them off. I come completely undone when I am in front of the people I work closely with and have a tremendous amount of respect for. It would kill me to find out if they are the ones that hate working with me.

Since the "I was testing you" comment of the marketing lady, I have gotten multiple "why the hell are they making you do this" which I really am not able to explain unless risking getting into more trouble and the latest response has been "What the F.... is wrong with your department". Maybe they are being nice, but everyone that I've talk to thus far(with the exception of marketing lady) has told me that they enjoy working with me and don't understand why they are making me do this. This is just embarassing. I still apologize to them profusely as I walk out the door just in case. Surprisingly, I've gotten a job offer from one of our department heads from the engineering side as a result of this madness. I thought that was pretty nice. So to recap I have one negative and 8 positive. Thank god it's the day before xmas break and there are not many people in this office because I don't think I can keep doing this without wanting to off myself (Just an expression of how depressing this is, I would not ever dream of hurting myself or my baby).

And then this happened:

After giving out one of my first apologies, that person went to HR about it and asked if they realized this was going on and wanted to know why (I don't know what else was discussed). HR just found me and told me that I could stop doing my rounds and that it was a bad idea on behalf of my boss. They didn't realize I would actually do it and didn't feel it was necessary afterall. Oh and now I am allowed to go to the engineers and ask questions without holding my boss's or manager's hands. Yippee. As crazy as it sounds, I hope to not have the gag order lifted, then I can continue to come to work and watch these two yahoo's (manager and boss)dig their own graves. I'll save my opinion of that for a later date :)


Genie said...

Glad someone went to HR and asked if the animals were taking over the zoo. Management by intimidation is just insane.

Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously, your description of your workplace has my jaw on the floor! I've worked for several companies that were managed terribly (including my current one), and I've heard horror stories from other people I know, but I think yours takes the cake! Especially the official request to apologize to everyone in the office, which was then rescinded. OMG. How you are managing to get through this week without strangling someone is beyond me!

Fortunately your little one is coming soon, and I speak from experience, that as hard as single parenting may be, the love you have for your child will make all of the work drama seem truly unimportant!

MeAndBaby said...

I have been reading these posts with my jaw dropped. What a bunch of blow horns. And what a ridiculous thing to have you do. If that engineering offer was real, TAKE IT. I hope the latest developments have eased your mind a bit. No one, especially a mama-to-be, should have to deal with stress from that nonsense.

Have a great holiday!! :)

Jem said...

What? I just read your last two posts and am shocked!

"I am now no longer allowed to voice my opinion unless I am specifically asked for it nor am I allowed to ask my fellow engineers for their input unless I go and get my boss first and let him do it. I feel like I'm being treated like a child."

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Make sure you get it in writing that you can talk again.

Oh, and tighten up that resume and start looking for another job. You deserve to be somewhere you are appreciated.

Sunflower said...

Wow, I too am just catching up on your posts and an absolutely shocked. I worked in several organizations and I have never heard of anything like this. You are a much nicer person than me. If they had told me to aplogize, I would have told them to shove it and quit!

Ali said...

Ok, that is just CRAZY!! I can't believe that a company is still functioning if this is how they treat their employees. It will be interesting to see how they handle things when you are away on maternity leave, they will probably drown and realize just how much you do around there!

Kristina said...

Honestly, I feel this borders on harassment. I think your boss and other management need to take a management and communication course. They are supposed to be leading the way, setting and example and mediating conflict versus all this indirect, passive-aggressive B.S. Do you think your boss was trying to make you quit? Awful, just awful. I'm so sorry.

It does sound like there are different work styles operating, including extroversion/introversion, thinking/feeling, different styles of communication, etc. Something like the Myers-Briggs or other assessments might help people appreciate the different strengths each person brings. But why am I doubting these folks would be open to that?

Sending supportive thoughts to you.

Abby said...

oh my lord, this is all BEYOND ridiculous!

i agree with another poster -- get EVERYTHING in writing. ask them to document ALL of their crazy requests. and again when the crazy requests get rescinded.

and seriously, if EITHER of your other two job offers were legit... take them! you don't need this BS. life is too short.

i worked for an abusive boss, okay, i've TWICE worked for an abusive boss, and it totally f*cked with my head so i didn't realize how bad it was until i finally left. and then i promised myself i would NEVER again let anyone treat me that way.

you don't deserve this. and with your precious baby on the way, and getting close!, you need all that extra emotional energy for the two of you!

good luck,


Tiara said...

Oy! I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of this. I hope you have a great Christmas!

R said...

OMG. What a completely f-ed up company! They didn't think you're really do it?? Then when you did, they rescinded it? I'll say it again... WTF?!? Get out as soon as you can... can you really move to engineering??

Enjoy the holidays, and just keep thinking of your sweet, almost-cooked baby!!