Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moving at the Speed of Light

Work and life has been so fast paced, I'm still amazed I'm keeping up.  I can't remember the last time where I could just sit still and enjoy everything.  Normally, this pace would make me cranky and exhausted but instead I don't think I've ever been happier.  In the past I couldn't function with less than 9 hours asleep a night but now I feel like a rockstar on just 6 hours. 

We are coming up on the anniversary of the successful back to back IUI's that allowed me to have Gavin.  As the date approaches, I've become more and more nostalgic.  I know this sounds weird, but I am so ready to start trying for number two.  I know it is WAY too early so I'm restraining myself.  Gavin might be easy to handle now but I am a little fearful of how he's going to be once he's mobile.  I'm just not sure that I could handle two under two. And then there is the cost of daycare.  My in-home daycare is super cheap ($95 a week which is the average here in my area) which would easily allow me to afford two children in daycare at one time.  However, I still keep hoping I can move closer to my family but that would be much more difficult with two babies. The average cost of daycare there tends to run around $200 a week, which at my current salary, would make it really difficult to afford.

I keep mulling over when would be a good time to start trying for number two.  I really want Gavin to be a little more independent by the time the next baby comes along.  Maybe when he's closer to three.  But I'm really scared that it will take multiple IUI attempts since I will be 37 at that time.  When considering the age factor, it makes me want to start trying sooner than later. I've already budgeted for two attempts for next year but things are going to cost me so much more this time around because my insurance wont cover injectables anymore.  I don't know if I should risk the last six vials of our donor by going on clomid or sucking it up and forking out the $2000+ for injectables since we have now established a protocol that works for me.  I know I have plenty of time to think about all of this, but I'm a planner and hate operating without some sort of plan.

In other news, My co-worker W was let go on Friday.  From what I heard, she was still in her probation period at work and her work performance was pretty bad.  I hate to see anyone lose their job, but as you have read any many of my other posts, its next to impossible to get fired here so whatever she was doing must have been horrible.   

Every year our company takes it's employees and their families to an amusement park.  It's coming up in two weeks but I'm not sure if it's appropriate to take Gavin or not.  There's a water park within the amusement park and I could hangout there all day but other than that we will be limited to just walking around.  Has anyone else taken their 4 month old to an amusement park and had a good experience?



Shannon said...

I am so envious that you have so much time to plan for #2! I'm a planner, too, so I can relate with wanting to have an idea of what your plan is, even if it's a while from now. And your childcare costs? Wow. Beyond jealous!

Tiara said...

Not sure how it would be at an amusement park with a 4 mth old but sitting at the water park sounds like it could be fun. Hope you have fun

Little One said...

Wow, your daycare costs are AMAZING. I've been paying $1400/month and I have to pay for the summer $2200 even though she won't be there. Having two is my dream, and I haven't thought about where I will put two in daycare, let alone keeping Scarlett part time in one when I am on mat leave...but it will all work out. I am a planner's great to start thinking about it now.