Thursday, July 25, 2013

Looking For a Few Good Medical Providers

I am no were closer to finding out what may be causing me to get so sick than I was a week ago. 

After being on a heart monitor for 24 hours and finding out that the leads were put on incorrectly, I was waiting for a phone call to tell me when they were going to repeat the test.  Instead I got a phone call saying that the test came back completely normal.  How can this be when the nurse who took the monitor off said that without a doubt the test would be considered invalid because it was done incorrectly? 

I questioned the nurse on the phone and she said there was nothing in the notes saying the test was performed wrong.  I asked her for the results of the other tests the office had done and said she had no record of other tests being performed.  I was trying to not lose it on this nurse, but I'm sure it was clear I was getting pissed.  She said she would look into it.  So I asked her when my appointment will be scheduled with the neurologist and she said they wont schedule that appointment until I visit again with my GP two weeks from now.  Her response sent me over the edge, they promised me they would schedule me with the neurologist as soon as the 24 hour monitor was completed, now am left in limboland.

What scared me even more was her asking me if I am still having problems with my epilepsy.  My what????  I don't have epilepsy!!  She snarkly said "whoops, better fix that". Yes, Please!!
I think it is time to ask for my complete medical chart to review.

About two hours after I talked to the nurse, another nurse called from the same office saying they are going to set up my consult with a neurologist and that I should expect a phone with my appt time and date by the next day.  Three days later I have still not heard anything.  I have left two messages (one a day), and have heard nothing.  I am so frustrated.

For those who say the medical system in the US is so great, I think I have some concrete proof that are system needs some serious work.  I can't even imagine what my experience would be like without health insurance.

Thankfully, I have still been able to take care of Gavin without any major complications but I can tell my work is suffering.  The tingling and lightheaded/dizziness feeling has affected my ability to move around quickly or do computer work.  I want my life back!!


Little One said...

It almost seems that the first nurse was looking at a different chart. I hope you get some answers soon. It's very frustrating to be in limbo about our health. I can relate.

Ali said...

How frustrating!! I agree, our medical system is very messed up. Hopefully everything gets settled soon, and they are able to find out what is going on and treat you quickly.

BB said...

I know I'm a bad blogger lately, and a bad commenter. Noticed you have not posted in a long time. Hope all is okay.

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