Friday, July 19, 2013

What Will the Future Hold?

Since my last IUI cycle, my health has gone down hill.  Sudden bouts of nausea, tingling limbs, dizziness, and muscle weakness.  There have been two incidents that have occured while I was out for a walk, one while doing dishes and another while I was in a meeting.  I've been to 5 doctors, each with their own thought on what could be causing all of this but no diagnosis yet:

1. a drop in blood pressure caused by arrythmia
2. Hypoglycemia
3. High estrogen
4. MS

Three of the doctors (One of them being a cardiologist) recommended that I see a neurologist but my family doctor is adamant that my issue is not neurological and more likely to be heart related. My RE thinks it is No. 2 or No. 3.  I am hoping it is none of the above and something more simple like a vitamin deficiency.

My family physician had me on a heart monitor for 24 hours which was a total waste of time and money.  Since the incidents have been occuring randomly, days apart from one another, it just does not make sense to perform the test only for a 24 hour period.  I was frustrated with having to do this in the first place, but even more frustrated when I got it taken off, they realized that two of the leads were in the wrong place.  I'm now waiting to find out when they are going to repeat the test.

Until they figure all of this out, there is no way I can move forward with another IUI cycle.  :(

On the brightside, I was offered a new job.  However, this job comes with much more responsibility and tougher workload.  I'm kind of afraid to take it with all of these medical uncertanties but then again the 40% pay raise makes it very appealing.

Funny yet sad:  My son mimics alot of sounds, including when he hears some one cough. I was experiencing some serious nausea and vomiting last night.  I told Gavin to hang out downstairs so he would have to see me hunched over the toilet.    As I was puking my brains out, I hear Gavin downstairs mimicking the sound of me throwing up.  If I didn't feel so crappy, I would have been laughing hysterically. 


Little One said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope it is nothing serious. Thinking of you.

bunintheovenplease! said...

So sorry to hear this - and very annoying for you!

Ali said...

That must be so frustrating, I hope you feel better soon.

R said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well, and I hope you figure out what's going on soon. And, of course, that its nothing major. It couldn't hurt to see a neurologist... I say go for the consult just to make sure... Thinking of you!