Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Popping In

Wow it's been awhile since I've touched my blog. I have been reading everyone else's and it seems like we have had a baby boom, so congratulations to all the new mothers. I hope your baby dust will rub off on me!

I dropped my car off at the mechanic and called my family to say I can't go up and visit them this Memorial weekend. I'm kind of bummed but they are already making plans to come and visit me over the fourth of July. I love my Jetta but I haven't had much luck with it. Most of this stems from living in a backwards town where very few people drive foreign cars and even fewer people know how to fix them. Ugghh. Last week my check engine light went on when we had temps in the 90's. I figured while I have it in the shop, I might as well just get new brakes too.

Going on bcp's to change my cycle seems to have messed up my cycle completely. In two months I have had my period four times. It has just made me cranky and miserable. I stopped taking the bcp's on the 1st of the month but my period didn't start again until 16th. If it doesn't return to a normal 28 day pattern, it looks like I wont be able to try in June afterall. I'm still crossing my fingers that it will all work out. I can't wait to start cycle #4, I've totally got baby fever!!

I decided to get my haircut after four months of trying to grow it out. I called my usual go-to girl but she was not available for two weeks and I just could not wait that long. So I did something I have now begun to regret. A co-worker recommended this hair salon and gave me the name of her hairdresser. Of course that woman wasn't available but they told me there were other stylists just as good available so I just went for it. My hair was just below my shoulders. I asked for a half-inch off and to clean up the layers. What did I get instead......The 90's Rachel cut. Do you remember the Rachel? From friends?

Oh yeah, it's a beauty. I want to say it looks as good as the Rachel but it is maybe more a combination of the Rachel, a womans rockin' mullet and a mushroom top. I want to die. Since I can't come to work with a bucket on my head,I have resorted to the classic headband cover up. There is no way to fix this mess unless I go completely back to my old school bob. If I only were wearing contacts that day, instead of my glasses that she made me take off, I wouldn't be in this predictament. You live and learn I guess.

I had an awesome weekend at the restaurant and made $400 in 3 days. WOOT WOOT. This will help me pay for the some of the work my mechanic is doing and I can put a little more into paying off another bill. I am so close to being debt free, I can taste it!!


Kristina said...

Sorry you are not loving your haircut. It's so hard to find someone who cuts your hair well, the way you like it. I'm still sporting a not so great haircut from months ago. :-/ Congrats on the debt repay!

Shannon said...

There is nothing quite as difficult to laugh off as a bad hair cut. I'm so sorry!

Yay for the great weekend income!

Tiara said...

I'm looking for a stylist right now since my usual has decided to go back to school...after your experience, I'm even more leary, LOL!!!