Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You Ask and You Shall Receive (Beginning Cycle 4)

I have been so anxious to start this cycle, my body decided to help me out by starting my period two weeks early. I'm a little worried about the change in my cycle (this is my fourth period in two months) but the nurses at the clinic think it will not affect my ability to conceive this month. I already have my medication for the cycle and tomorrow, when my FSA reloads for the year, I will have the money to purchase a couple more vials of my donor. I just hope they can get my swim team here in time for my IUI's. Since the doctor is upping my medication, there is a lot of uncertainty of when my IUI will be next week. I've almost always have my IUI's done between day 14 and day 16, but the increase in medication may move my IUI's up to as early as CD 11, according to the nurse. Wow, that would be next thursday!

I have my baseline ultrasound scheduled for this thursday. I hope they don't find anything that will require me to cancel this cycle. Crossing my fingers and toes