Friday, May 6, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I feel like a bad blogger but things have been a bit crazy here between work, family and home. The sleep deprivation I'm experiencing will be great practice for when (if)I ever have a baby. Tomorrow morning will be the first time where I can actually just sit, put my feet up and relax in nearly 3 weeks. Instead of relaxing tomorrow, I may head on over to the Babypalooza event held at my local hospital. I'm kind of looking forward to it. The event provides a variety of information from getting pregnant to what should you look for in a pediatrician or day care provider.

It's kind of strange mental metemorphosis I've gone through in the last few weeks. I went from "I will never be able to get pregnat" to "OMG, this cycle is going to work". I've convinced myself so much that I actually have become a little afraid that it might work too well. As in multiples. Gulp. If I come to that hurdle, I will deal with it but in the meantime it has just given me some serious messed up dreams. The kind of dreams where I'm standing in the middle of the room hearing 5 babies screaming and there is dirty clothes and diapers strewn across the room. Frightening.

So we hired a new guy at work this week. He seems really nice and I'm sure he will fit in really well with the crew. We took him out to lunch for his first day so he could get to know us and ask questions. Of course he asked what we would recommend for him to do around here (he's single), places to hang out, events, festivals etc. My three married co-workers turn to me and say "Lorelei would have the best insight on that" haha what a joke that is. I didn't want to scare the guy on his first week living here but I wanted to be honest, much to the dismay of my co-workers. I said I once had an incredibly social and active live in Chicago, Milwaukee and Orlando but since I moved here I haven't found much to do. I go home EVERY night. I take the dog for walk nearly every night but I am limited to my neighborhood because there are no sidewalks anywhere. The few trails we have in our area require a minimum of 15 min to 1 hour drive to get to and there not that great (however, I've been on a personal crusade to change this). There are very few bars and those that exist really cater to the redneck or gangsta crowd which isn't my style but may be something that others enjoy. When I spend time with friends we either hang out at someone's house or go to a bar located in one of our many chain restaurants. So sad. For a city of our size we have very few events and festivals (yet another thing I have been trying to change). Reading back what I just wrote makes me sound like a total sour puss but what kind of cracked me up is the other three guys totally agreed. Sorry new guy, enjoy the city :( These are all the reasons are company tries to not hire outside of the city. It's hard to get people to stay if they don't already have family ties to the city. I hope I didn't scare him to badly but this all just reminded me how much I would love to get out of here. Nomad Lorelei is back.


Shannon said...

After that description, I can see why you're thinking of resuming your nomad ways!

I'm really hoping your multiples dream isn't prophetic. :) Or if it is, it's just 1/5 prophetic.

Lorelei said...

haha. Thanks Shannon. I can handle the 1/5, I would be streching it with 2/5. I can't wait to you evict your baby ;)