Monday, May 23, 2011

This Month Cannot Finish Fast Enough

I am just so ready to start this next cycle. I have three weeks to go but I just want to start now. It doesn't help that my paranoid sister (now 21 wks preg.) told me that the real reason I haven't gotten pregnant is because I have nearly everything a baby could need. Seriously? Look, I don't prescribe to the old school "your jinxing yourself", I'm more from the school of thought of "If you build it, they will come". Her advice was to sell everything I bought and then I will get pregnant. When my sister says things like this, I just want to strangle her. I'm sure there have been other woman out there who have purchased things before they got pregnant.

The weather is beautiful right now and I would just kill for a day off to enjoy a nice walk and then an afternoon on the couch watching Project Runway reruns. It's grant application season again and I have been really putting in some overtime at the office. I worked at my office for nearly 23 hours and another 8 hours at the restaurant this weekend. I'm still one application away from being done (due on friday). Unfortunately I am feeling so uninspired right now, I just can't seem to put the words on the paper. I guess that is why I'm procrastinating and blogging.

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Andrea said...

You have a crazy sister too? OMG! What is it with strangely illogical sisters out there? That is just ridiculous.

Good luck with the grant applications. Those things are never fun to do ... hence the procrastination, I guess. lol