Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2nd Ultrasound

I saw and heard Cricket's heartbeat yesterday!

It was so amazing to see that little flicker of cricket's heart. The nurse told me I would most likely not hear the heartbeat for another week but as soon as she turned on the speakers, you could hear it loud and clear. 117bpm. It's rather ironic that the first bpm number was the same as my first beta. Unfortunately the nurse was really off schedule (over 30 minutes) and so she only let me see the screen for a few seconds, but those few seconds were amazing.

Baby is measuring at 6w2d which would be exactly correct if going by the date of my last IUI. The funny thing is, the nurse seemed more confused about my due date than I am. She also couldn't figure out how to save my ultrasound photos on to my cd, so I guess I should say that I wasn't really surprised.

I go in for my next ultrasound Wednesday the 20th. Till then, I have been addicted to shopping for a crib, dresser and stroller. It's really the last few remaining "large" purchase I need to make. I know I have plenty of time but it's just so much fun!


Tiara said...

The most beautiful sound, isn't it!

Have fun shopping!

~ M ~ said...

That's so exciting! Bummer she couldn't figure out how to save it on the CD.

Shannon said...

Yay! I'm so happy everything looks and sounds perfect! Enjoy shopping!

Billy said...