Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4th Ultrasound

Once again, things look great. I think my baby is a prankster! The nurse said the baby was moving around like crazy but everytime she pushed the screen towards me so I could see, the baby would stop moving. It happened 3 times! The nurse would take the wand and shove it into me further to get the baby to move (kind of like jabbing at a caged animal, yet not fun for me or the animal) and there was no movement. Finally she pushed around on my belly and the baby started to move around, kicking his/her feet up. So cute. Heartbeat is 178. My sister said she is convinced once again that it is a girl so she is sending me all the girl clothes she bought when she was pregnant with her last son. Yeah free clothes!

I got the ditzy nurse again. She's super nice but I don't know if I should believe anything she says. This time she told me I'm only measuring at 8 wks although I watched her measure the baby and she measured rump to the side of the baby's head. Aren't they suppose to measure crown to rump? She also couldn't figure out how far along I am based on my LMP. Oh well, if she was a mean nurse I would be pissed but she's so friendly I try to just laugh it off.

Ultrasound 5 is scheduled for Thursday August 4th and then a week later I will get the dreaded cerclage. Blahhhh.

Ooh and I noticed my widget is not looking as creepy as it was a few weeks ago. I think I'm going to keep it around.

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Tiara said...

Glad to hear everything is great with your little prankster :)