Thursday, July 14, 2011

Having One of Those Days

Even though I am so exhausted, I just can't sleep. I woke up several times in the middle of the night. Each time, I was in some weird position: laying width ways, my head where my feet should be, spooning my dog, no pillows, too many pillows, blanket, no blanket. It was nuts. Finally at 4am I gave up and got out of bed. I sat and watched some shows that I DVR'd for an hour or so and then finally just went to work at 6am, two hours before I was suppose to be there.

I'm sure alot of this sleeplessness is coming from, what feels like, a baby growth spurt. I woke up starving and I feel some tremendous stretching. I was also having some incredibly messed up dreams again. I dreamt that I quit my job and told my d-bag of manager to go and F -himself (I said the real thing in my dream). The dream had me so upset there really was no way I was going back to bed.

That dream relates directly to all the childish crap he's been pulling for the last 3 weeks. It's clearly nothing new, the guy is never going to change and I am 100% our boss wont do a damn thing about it. I'm sure I've blogged about it but quite a few weeks ago there was a department meeting where I was assigned several tasks while manager did not get anything (although he was busy with other projects). He got upset and started to complain that I got all the work and he didn't get anything (Pout, Pout,Pout). To try to reduce the drama, I talked to the boss and told him about the situation and turned a few of the tasks over the manager. Bad idea. Now anytime I'm assigned something he pouts until he gets his way, making the boss take the task away from me and handing it to him. It got so bad yesterday, that I had a list half page long of things to do. By mid-day I had NOTHING and was told for the next few months I will have less than 15 hours of billable work each week, while jack-ass has so much on his plate that he can't finish any of it and people keep stoping at his desk wondering where this and that is. Does that make any sense?

I am now forced to go to other departments to ask for more work. One of my colleagues has seen the managers childish behavior and told me it is definitely time to get my resume out. Unfortunately, I really need to wait until after the baby is born before I do any moving. This is such a damn mess and I need to keep my pregnancy hormones out of it but its hard when I get this stressed out about it all. I just don't know why this d-bag is still allowed to act this way.

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Kristen said...

Sorry for the's hard to be so exhausted!
And your manager sounds horrible! Ugh! So sorry you are having to deal with that.
Hugs to you...