Monday, September 26, 2011

Maternity Underwear

Don't do it!!

Or at least make sure you don't do what I did. I decided to buy a size larger because I just know my ass is starting to grow width wise.

My first day wearing a pair was on Saturday which coincides with a day were I typically work at my restaurant. Big mistake. With ten minutes of running around at work, I could feel them slowly slipping off of me. 15 minutes pass and they are officially balled below my cheeks. Hello wardrobe malfunction! Thank god I have a good sense of humor because my co-worker called me out on it and asked what I was smuggling back there. Do they make suspenders for underwear? I spent most of my day running back in forth between the bathroom so I could pull the dang things up. Too funny.

I sent out more resumes this week. Thank you to those who have commented on my past ranting posts. I swear this situation makes me question my sanity for staying. Its nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks this is pure madness.

Things got worse this morning (yes, its possible) and I am officially convinced he is out to get me fired, although I knew that before. I just am shocked that my boss doesn't see it. Once again I was given an assignment and he showed up with his version of it. I also over heard him tell the boss that he told me to work on the mapping project (the one that he told me was done a few weeks ago, only to find out later that he hadn't started it), however he never told me to proceed with the project. I think he is setting me up. I went to our new head of HR out of frustation and was mortified when she told me she had read the file on the situation and that the file is HUGE. After hearing me ball my eyes out for an hour she made me feel better by telling me that after reading the file and hearing what I had to say she wanted to march over to his office, grab him by the shirt and ask him "what the F@#k? is your problem". She also said she didn't think I have to worry about being fired because there are very few people in the office who have respect for him and although the boss doesn't seem to notice what is going on, others in the company have. I'm glad she said that because at this point, since there has been no action taken against him, I feel like I am suffering with this by myself.

We talked about what I should do and she offered two suggestions: 1) Beat him at his own game. Next time he is assigned something, I should do his work and present it to the boss before he does. I'm not a fan of this idea because I don't like the idea of stooping to his level and I think this is just going to lead to a big fight. 2) Confront him, in front of my boss. Since we've tried this before and now my boss is being extra sympathetic to him because the "poor guy is going through a difficult divorce" , I don't think this will work either. So now I am back to the idea that I just need to find a new job. I was honest with HR and told them I have been once again actively searching (I'm not worried about her saying anything) she told me that I'm just letting him win. I agreed but what benefit is there in staying? I love all my other co-workers and will miss them but I don't receive any continuing education here, I watch my boss do some seriously illegal financial maneuvering (which I will leave at that), the people who are in charge of us do not seem to understand the benefits of good leadership and communication, and the managers don't know what a Planner truly does. Blahhhhhhh!

I applied for a job in Athens, Georgia. I haven't given up hope of getting a job in Denver but I think this would be an awesome alternative. Crossing my fingers and hoping I get a call back!


Tiara said...

I disagree that you'd be letting your manager win if you find another seems to me that you would be winning because you wouldn't have to put up with the ridiculousness you do now. I'm keeping faith that you will find a better job.

Too funny about the underwear...I was too cheap to buy maternity underwear so I bought regular ones 2 sizes too big & had saggy butt for nine months, lol!

Little One said...

I can't relate to the underwear comment - I just continued to wear my regular underwear through my pregnancy. I also didn't buy anything I didn't have to so that I could save my money so for maternity clothes, I only ended up buying 2 pairs of khaki pants and 2 pairs of comfy pants (that I could wear to work or to the gym - they were versatile). That's the extent of my maternity clothes. Plus I got them at Old Navy for next to nothing. I just wore my regular sweaters. They stretched a bit, but snapped back into place every time I washed them.

Gille said...

I didn't maternity undies. Thank God too. I can see myself being called out in a grocery store by a stranger or at a family gathering. Smuggling. Too funny.