Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1 Cycle Down, On to the Next

Got a very gory AF going on right now. I was a little disappointed at first but I am keeping my optimistic position on things and am ready to move on to the next cycle. I just figured that I've got my first 33% chance out of the way and I'm going to have better odds on this one. I already called in another order of my donor's vials which should arrive at the doctors office on friday. I'm still waiting for the doctors office to call me back so I can switch my thursday appointment from just bloodwork to an ultrasound and bloodwork.

I think I'm actually more excited about this try then the last. I know what to expect during the process which is comforting. While I would rather be pregnant right now, now that I know that I'm not, I can now have a glass of wine around the campfire this weekend too!! Hell yeah!


Tiara said...

Definitely keep positive! Enjoy that glass of wine!! Hopefully you won't be able to drink again for a while ;)

Mama Time Bomb said...

Good for you for keeping such a positive attitude! I'm sorry the first try didn't work out, though. It didn't for me, either. I actually got a BFP (blood test at the doc's) but then had a miscarriage 2 days later. :( I'm trying to stay positive, too...such as by remembering that now I'll be able to cut loose on my camping trip next weekend. Life is there to be enjoyed, even when it doesn't always go the way we planned.