Thursday, June 24, 2010

By Popular Demand-My baby item list

Like most people in my family, I'm a shop-a-holic. As you've seen in past posts, I've already have made a dent in my baby item list. In a bizarre way, I guess it was a way to keep my mind off the 2ww. I figure if it doesn't happen this cycle it will happen in the next 3 months.

So I created a list of things I thought I would need. Some things are really "wants". To create the list I consulted with various friends and internet websites. A few of my fellow bloggers have asked for my list, so here it is:

Shopping List
1. Babywash/shampoo
2. Nail Clippers
3. Swing
4. Portable changing pad
5. Boppy
6. Co-sleeper
7. Adjustable Sling
8. Bibs
9. Diaper dekor/diaper genie
10. Diapers- box of NB
11. 10- onesies/sleepers, socks, cotton pants, seasonal clothes
12. 1-2 newborn hats
13. 4 swaddling/receiving blankets
14. Baby bath center
15. Alcohol (not to drink :)
16. Car seat/stroller
17. Baby medical kit
18. Disposable changing pads
19. Baby monitor
20. Gentle detergent
21. Glider/rocker
22. Diaper bag
23. Bouncy seat
24. High chair
25. 15-Bottles
26. Pack’n’play
27. Giant Pack of disposable wipes
28. 5-baby wash clothes
29. 2 hooded towels
30. Digital thermometer
31. 3-4 fitted sheets for crib
32. 5-7 lightweight blankets
33. 10 burp cloths
34. Crib/crib mattress/bedding
35. Baby lotion
36. Nasal aspirator
37. Infant acetaminophen drops
38. Infant-safe sunscreen
39. Breast pads
40. Lanolin cream
41. Milk freezer storage containers
42. Dishwasher basket for bottles
43. Bottle brush
44. Bottle drying rack
45. Pacifier and bottle sterilizer
46. Diaper rash cream
47. Pacifiers
48. Toys
49. Infant gas relief drops
50. Play mat
51. Tiny spoons/bowls (don't need for a long time)
52. Outlet covers
53. Sleep Positioner
54. Fisher Price Oceans wonders Aquarium Soother/Deep Blue Sea
55. Baby Food Processor
56. Baby Car Mirror

As you can tell I plan on breastfeeding and I hope to make my own baby food to save some money.

Hope this helps everyone!

I don't know if anyone else has heard of this but I was told ovidrel will be in your system for ten days. I had a shot of Ovidrel on the 13th and the 21st. I took a pregnancy test on wednesday morning to see if the ovidrel would still show up and it didn't. I don't think I gave the shot wrong because I have all the usual side effects. Has anyone else experienced this?


Gille said...

That is an awesome list! I do think you'll be using it soon.

As for Ovidrel, I did read that some people have it out of their system really quickly like under 5 days. I was shocked at a week, but you are pretty quick! At least you know whats really you and not the meds!

Thanks for the comment earlier. The ultrasound went really well. I got your comment right as I was heading in so it was nice to have positive words as I was on my way.

Good luck on the wait. It's almost over!

Jem said...

You are quite the optimist. Most of us the IF world don't dare make lists or buy baby things, or even darken the doors of maternity wear shops for fear of jinxing things. I hope you are right and you'll need this list in the next 3 months.

All the best, Jem

madrecita said...

I would put off buying NB diapers and even too many outfits until you are farther along, you may end up having a big baby and start out using size one diapers and 3 month outfits (my guy wore size one diapers and 3 month outfits in the hospital- he never fit NB diapers or clothes) you may also want to look into cloth diapers they have One Size cloth diapers available so you can't go wrong and they are SO CUTE!! I started really late but plan on using them when I someday have #2! By the way I am wishing you luck!! I know the 2WW is hard!

madrecita said...

I forgot to add, my I use blue lizard baby sunscreen on my guy and on myself it is waterproof and for babies with sensitive skin, you can get it online or at a dermatologist (but reasonably priced) use it after 6 months old. My dermatologist recommended it to me and I love it!

Mama Time Bomb said...

Sweet! Thanks for posting!