Friday, June 4, 2010

Piece of Cake

I started the Gonal-f injections last night. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't give the injection the right way, but it ended up being super easy. It didn't hurt at all. I keep waiting for the awful side affects but so far have had none.

After filing a formal complaint about my supervisor and the intern, things have finally gotten worked out. Two weeks ago they told the intern that work has been slow and they could not justify hiring another full-time person in my department. Unless we could produce more jobs between now and the time she graduates this summer she was told to start looking for another job. Of course she got mad and started to blame me. I overheard a couple of conversations between the supervisor and the intern that were pretty clear that they were planning on doing things in retaliation that would affect my job. So I finally summed up enough courage to go to HR regarding the matter. After two stressful weeks, it looks as though the intern will be let ago by next week (boss is out of the office) and the supervisor has been told that he will lose his job if his behavior continues. Since the complaint he has definitely shown that he wants to try to work things out. It so nice coming to work at not having to worry about how my supervisor wants to get his girlfriend ahead by any means possible or having to hear my supervisor and the intern talk crap about me. Big relief. I hope this marks the end of this negative aspect in my life.

So I allowed myself to look at baby clothes and necessities last night. I hope I'm not jinxing myself. I still know that my chance of this working on my first try is only 33%, but I cant help thinking and hoping that I will be pregnant by the time this summer is over. That just sounds like music to my ears.

I go in for my first monitoring appointment on Tuesday the 8th. The doctor will determine the status of my follicles. From there they might tell me to take more medicine or take the trigger shot. By next week I could be pregnant!


Tiara said...

Great job with the injections!

I'm so glad to your work situation has been worked out! The less stress you have, the better your try #1 will be THE ONE!

I look at baby stuff all the time...I consider it "positive visualization"!!

Good Luck on the 8th!

Billy said...

By next week you could be pregnant!
Good luck!