Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting a Little Nervous

I had my IUI's on monday and tuesday of last week and they seemed to go well. I was beaming of confidence all last week but I felt a little deflated today at my follow up appointment. Although my lining looked fantastic, my right ovary was still huge and my progesterone level was low (9 when it should be around 18). I'm taking another ovidrel booster tonight which should help except it could cause the cyst on my right ovary to grow. I'm still crossing my fingers for my BFP. I have a vacation lined up to see family over the holiday weekend and it would be fantastic to have some great news to share.

I am still buying baby gear like crazy! I had an initial needs list of 55 items and I only have 19 items left. The remaining are almost all big ticket items which I am hoping to find some at garage sales. I know this all sounds crazy and that I have completely jumped the gun. I have had quite a few pregnant girlfriends who waited until their 3rd trimester to do their shopping and then they were frantically trying to get everything ready at the last minute. My fear is that I will wait to long and not have the energy or ability to put up the new crib or paint. Plus I'm terrified that with the shorten cervix, I wont go full-term or be put on bedrest. I want to just kickback and enjoy this upcoming pregnancy (crossing my fingers).

Next appointment is July 2nd!


Tiara said...

Have they discussed putting you on Progesterone supplements? I'm low progesterone too & they have me on suppositories...

Keep positive though! Surrounding yourself with baby gear is great positive visualization!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so curious: would you consider sharing your 55 baby gear items list?

Fingers crossed for a bfp. It's great that you get follow-up appointments during the 2ww and monitorings on Sundays! Maybe I should change clinics.


Mama Time Bomb said...

Wishing you the best of luck!

I concur, please share that list of 55 items you wanted to buy. That's such a great idea and I'd love to steal your list and get started, too!