Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sorry, No Sunshine and Lollipops Here

As I have said before, I am now on my 4th period in two months. I mentioned it to the nurse on the phone when I schedules my baseline ultrasound and she didn't seem very concerned about it. This all changed after they did my ultrasound this morning when I mentioned it again. The nurse said they might want to check my estroidal level before continuing on but she needed to talk to the doctor. I was still pretty calm at this point until she came back and said the doctor wanted to do a complete blood panel like the one I did when I first came to the RE's office a year ago. Why does my mind always drift to such a dark place? I instantly began thinking all sorts of horrible things like I've got cancer again, my thyroid is failing, my ovarian reserve is completely depleted, blah blah blah blah. To add to the drama they said my infectious disease lab work has expired and they need to do more bloodwork and a couple of cultures. GAHHH. The ultrasound revealed that I have two cysts, one on each ovary but none of them are so big that it would affect me from proceeding with the next cycle. I am still waiting for the results of the bloodwork which may not come back until this afternoon or tomorrow. I am so nervous that they are going to come back and say I need more medication because my insurance will no longer cover any fertility related medication. The wait is killing me!!

And then there was the FSA drama:

Since my insurance begins its new coverage year on June 1st, I knew I need to pay my deductable so I handed the receptionist my Flex-savings card (form of a health savings account). She returned back a few minutes later saying the card was declined. I couldn't believe it because I took the max this year of $2500 and work promised me it would all be on the card by June 1st. Then it hit me, I purchased a few vials of my swim team yesterday with a requested delivery date of Monday and I bet that transaction wasn't going to go through either. I called my HR lady immediately from the RE's office. She told me that the company we are contracting with for the FSA cards have not loaded the debit cards yet and they are thinking that it could still be a day or two longer.

Approximately five minutes after we called the FSA company, the cryogenics facility called and said they couldn't get the FSA card to go through. International Cryogenics is awesome!! I explained the situaion and they said as long as the issue gets resolved by 3pm they can still ship it for arrival on Monday. If I can't get it resolved with the FSA company they said they would work out an arrangement. I'm not sure what that means but it still made me feel alot better than the idea of having to completely cancel this cycle because the stupid FSA company can't do their job.

Then work get's shitty:

Everything has been going so well between my manager and I but we began to backslide the last few weeks. We started this major project that I have been actively involved in since we won the grant for it back in October. The manager has admitted that he is very jealous that I have been playing an important role in the project and that I've been getting alot of attention for it while he feels like he is just standing on the sidelines.

Last week we were at a meeting with four other key members of the project and they gave me a list of things that needed to be accomplished in the next few weeks. Most importantly, devising a branding message that we are going to use for the plan. I'm a planner, not a marketer and although I had some ideas of what could make a great branding message, I know that this is not my forte. My plan was to go directly to are marketing department and work with them on this task. As we were wrapping up the meeting I noticed the manager looked upset (seriously, he looked like he was going to cry). After the meeting I followed him into his office and asked him if he was okay. He again said he was mad that I got all the work and upper management didn't ask him to do anything. Then he stated that he had taken a class on branding which makes him the more qualified person to do the work than me (hmmm, okay). Now I've taken some anatomy classes, but I dont consider myself a doctor. I am truly trying to make things go smoothly between us and I already had a full-plate of work before I went into the meeting so I offered the branding task to him. He said he wasn't doing anything and that he would definitely get it done. I made it clear we needed to have this done by May 31st. What does the clown do? His idea of branding was to take a logo he found off the internet and change the colors!! On Tuesday morning I asked what the status of the branding message was and he said he had picked out a logo. Great!! What is the name you chose for the plan?? Manager "I didn't pick out a name". Umm, I confused so you didn't come up with a name for the product but you have a logo??? Manager "well, I designed a symbol" Truth betold, changing colors on someonelses logo is not designing buddy, that's kind of stealing in my book. The worst part about it is he blew 4 days of our budget on BS. (I'm pissed, can you tell?).

Thank god he left town for a conference for the rest of the week because I could honestly rip that guys face off right now. I just ended up doing what I should have done in the first place and marched my butt down to the marketing department. We worked together for a day and came up with a brilliant brandng message that is memorable and something that everyone could agree on. I have a feeling when he comes back and sees that I completely threw out his "design" he is going to be upset with me but seriously I don't care anymore. Just knowing how vindicative he has been in the past, it would not surprise me that he was just trying to set me up to look like a fool, but the joke is on him this time. Suck it buddy!!

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Shannon said...

I hope your labs are ok start this cycle again!

FSA - why do they have to make it so hard? My FSA is currently suspeded because I used it to pay my bill at the OB - which is technically a "prepayment" and apparently you can't use FSA to prepay bills. Seriously?

I hope you get it all taken care in time for sperm shipment!