Sunday, August 21, 2011

196 Days to Go!

My baby widget actually looks like a cute baby!!

I thought I would take my first shot at creating a baby registry, which then turned into a baby registry at BRU, Target and Amazon. I think I have everything I need on them. Since I have already purchased so much for the baby already and my registry was looking pretty sparse, I decided to register for a couple things I know I would need a little later on like a convertible car seat (I already have an infant carrier), little children books, and a highchair that changes into a booster seat. I'm not sure if this is bad baby registery etiquette but oh well.

Since the online registry put me in the mood for some serious shopping and everyone is so convinced I'm having a girl, I decided to hit the clearance rack at Kohl's. All I got to say is I am going to feel sooo guilty if I find out that I having a boy because I just bought 12 3-6mos baby girl summer outfits for $60. I'm keeping all the tags on and have stored it all with the receipt. Then, if I have to return it later, it won't be a big deal.

My co-worker said that she found out the sex of the baby while getting a 4-d ultrasound at 14 and half weeks. Is this really possible? I know I have probably said in previous posts that I was thinking about not finding out the sex of the baby but I have totally changed my mind. Now I can't wait to find out! I will blame that one on my raging hormones :)


~ M ~ said...

baby shopping & registering sounds fun! ps-I love that dang baby widget!

Shannon said...

I have to admit, I'm really going to giggle if you have a boy! :)

(My word verification for this post is "Grant" - great boy's name!)

Tiara said...

I think it's totally smart to register for things you'll need down the road!

obernon said...

I was able to find out the sex at my 16 week ultrasound so maybe 14?? If you don't return the outfits you can always give them as baby gifts too.