Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Somethings Are Too Messed Up for Words

Our HR lady, who has been an incredible help to me, announced her resignation today. I've known that it would eventually come to this but I was hoping that it wouldn't be this soon. She thankfully is moving on to what appears to be a much better job so I'm incredibly happy for her but I'm also fearful of what's going to happen after she's gone. In the beginning she gave me hope that the situation with my deparment would get better but after seeing how she was treated when she showed upper management the countless of pages of documentation on the harrassment and mismanagement my manager and intern participated in, I've lost that hope.

I want out. But I feel trapped.

Manager blantantly lied about his ability to do a certain type of planning technique to our boss last week. He attended a 1 hour webinar on it a few months ago....with me. At that time he had never even heard of this technique before. Now he's saying that he has used it numerous of times before. My mouth dropped open when he said it. The boss is going to have him work directly with the "father" of this technique so his lack of real knowledge of the topic is going to be really apparent when they sit down together. I'm still stunned but saying something is pointless and I'm sure it will bite him in the ass in the long run.

More messed up was he must have been trash talking about me with a client. We had a big event for this client last wednesday. After the event we went out to grab some drinks (I obviously was a spectator). The crowd kind of thinned out and I was joking around and talking to a couple of the client's office workers when one of them told me they were glad to finally talk to me and that I am completely different than what that blond haired kid made me out to be (pointing at my manager who was talking to the old intern across the room). I said thank you, unsure of what else to say. I didn't want stay on that topic, I don't think you should air office problems in front of a client so I didn't really say anything after that. The conversation got kind of awkward with silence but eventually the conversation moved to talking about kids and family. I left shortly afterwards.

Things are just never going to change so I know I need to start coming up with some sort of exit strategy. But how do I do that with a baby on the way? The economy is in the shitter and jobs are getting fairly scarce in my field. I'm scared.


Kristen said...

I'm so sorry your job situation is so horrible. Fingers crossed you are able to make some sort of exit strategy work!

Jendo said...

I'm sorry to hear that your work environment is so bad. I do hope you are able to get out of there soon!