Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Butterflies in My Belly

I am almost 99.9% sure that I felt the baby moving today. I was sitting at my desk and I felt this little fluttering sensation in my belly. It only lasted a few seconds but then it happened again a few minutes later. I don't want to get to excited only to find out its gas but I am pretty sure that's a baby moving.

I was going in for a sequential screening this week but found out that my insurance will not cover it so now I need to wait until the 15th for my next appt. Because I will only be 15 wks at that point and Dr. Ott will not allow another ultrasound until I'm 18 to 22 weeks, I'm assuming I will have to wait until October for my next ultrasound to see how baby is doing and find out what the gender is. Oooh I cannot wait! I was even toying around with the idea of paying the $90 to go to a 4D imaging facility to get a gender scan done. I know I shouldn't just blow my money on it but the anticipation is killing me!

I'm leaving on a long 10hr drive to WI on Friday and the length of the drive is making me nervous. I drove 6 hours today for a meeting and my legs swelled up like a balloon and my lady bits hurt like crazy from sitting so long (never expected that one). I know I need to stop every few hours but that's alot of stopping. It will probably take me 12 hours to get to the campsite.

In other interesting news, I notice a few weeks ago that my jerk-off manager wasn't wearing his wedding ring but didn't think all that much of it until I started to get other nosy co-workers stopping at my desk to ask me about it. Like he would ever tell me? I just pretended like I didn't notice that he wasn't wearing the ring and didn't know anything about it. But then it all came together in my mind when our remaining HR lady pulled me aside and asked what I knew about the managers divorce and if I saw him canoodling with the old intern again.

(Little background information for my new followers: The first week I started here, about three yrs ago, manager was gone on his honeymoon, but when he came back it was clear he was having an affair with our intern. After 2yrs, intern finally got fired and began working for our client.)

The "come to jesus meeting" that occured last week included a discussion about how this project isn't a party and that the client's staff and our staff should not be going out drinking together and that it should stop immediately. I wasn't completely sure what that mean't because I clearly am not in the position to be going out and drinking so that led me to believe it had to do with the manager and possibly the ex-intern but there were other people at the clients office that could be part of these shananigans. If the client was getting mad about it, he must have heard some of the gossip that was coming out of these little drinking sessions.

At the little outing we did at the beginning of the month where a few of the clients staff members indicated that the manager was talking crap about me, they pointed over to the manager who was at the time across the room, giggling and whispering into the interns ear. Also that night, I drove over to the outing with the manager and he had mentioned how much he had been going out and drinking with the intern and another one of the clients staff member (a guy). I thought it was odd that a married guy would go out that often without his wife going or getting mad but I didn't comment on it.

Although we may never know why the manager and his soon to be ex-wife's marriage dissolved. It would not surprise me at all to find out that the intern had something to do with it. The manager thought he was doing a great job hiding the affair from the bosses at work for a few years but would a wife really not notice that he had the intern over for "lunch" everyday except the days when the wife was home? Would she not see the text messages from the intern? Or find it odd that he had a lot of nights where we had to work late or come to work on the weekends but that all stopped when the intern got fired?

With the way the HR person asked me about the situation, I got the distinct feeling it was not for gossip reasons. It makes me wonder if the head of our company is finally on to him and about to do something. Only time will tell. I've gotten my hopes up before and nothing was ever done about the situation. If there is a 1.4 million dollar contract on the line, will they do something? All I got to say is the guy is slime. I hope he gets whatever he deserves.


Kristina said...

How exciting about the butterfly feelings! :) I would have a tough time not paying for the ultrasound to find out the gender too!
I hope the truth comes out at your work, as well. It sounds like he's affected a lot of people's lives negatively, both at work and home!

Single Mom 2b said...

I will be happy when the day comes that you post about your manager being fired. He really sounds like a worthless, pig-headed a$$. You continue to take the high road, and no doubt that's how you sleep at night!

Ali said...

Baby kicking sounds so exciting!!!!! I'm very jealous of you right now!

Gille said...

Baby kicks! So sweet and exciting.

Tiara said...

Baby kicks!!! So exciting!!