Thursday, January 26, 2012

38 days! There is never a dull moment in this pregnancy

I was kind of excited to go to my round of appointments yesterday (NST, reg ob visit, and perinatologist) because I was so sure that they were going to be pleased that my bp seemed to mellowed out and I havent really been having any issues. The nonstress test was a breeze and my regular ob appointment went about the same. But then I went to the perinatologist to have a growth scan done. I know they are much more thorough during these exams and didn't really think much about the questions the nurse was asking me during my growth scan. Do you have gestational diabetes? not to my knowledge, I was tested at 24 weeks and passed. How much water do you drink each day? Gallons. My bff is the bathroom and my workplace watercooler. How's the baby's movement? Hit or miss, the last week I've noticed the baby's movements slowing down a bit but I thought that was normal towards the end of pregnancy. Have you noticed that your leaking any fluid? No.

I finally just asked what was going on and she told me the baby was measuring a little on the big side for his gestational age (6.5lbs) and the fluid around the baby was low (right around a 7). After the scan, the nurse practitioner came in and checked to see if I was leaking any fluid, which I wasn't.

She disappeared for a few minutes and then came back with the peri. What a funny guy. He starts off by asking me how much beer I drink a day. It caught me off guard until I realized he has my medical history and could tell I'm originally from Wisconsin. I started to laugh and say I've been fine laying off the beer for the pregnancy, but I may need to be treated for my cheese addiction. After a couple of laughs he got down to business. He explained to me the cause and complications of large babies and low fluid. I've been on strict orders to increase the amount of water I drink a day which I don't know if that's possible considering how much I already drink. I'm also suppose to refrain from alot of activity and stress (I should of ask for this in writing so I could give it to my boss). He is still going to let me work the next week but when I'm not working I need to limit my activity level. They are going to check me again next wednesday to see if the fluid level improves. If it does, great I can carry on with what I'm doing. If it stays the same I'm going to be put on bedrest. If the fluid drops below a 5 they are going to consider inducing me. Thats a lot of "if's".

I left the appointment yesterday in semi-disbelief. Every little thing I chose to do in the next week could affect whether or not I have the baby next week or can be lucky enough to hold off until he's at least full term. I wasn't really emotional about it yesterday, just determined to follow doctors orders. Then this morning I told my boss the outcome of my appointment and the first thing he said was "wow, you might have a baby on Feb 1st". It hit me like a ton of bricks, that's 6 days away! Wholly crap, this baby will most likely have to spend time in the NICU, and I might have this baby when very few family and friends can reach me (family is on a cruise starting sunday and not returning till feb 5th). I want to go on bedrest now so I can try to buy a couple more weeks!! I don't want to sound like I'm overreacting but I don't understand why he didn't just put me on bedrest in the first place. I want to give this baby the best chance possible so I am instituting my own version of bedrest. I'm still going to work but I am going to try my best to relax while I'm here (easier said than done) and make sure I go straight home and put my feet up. No cleaning projects and no walking the dog for more than a quick lap around the parking lot. I just pray this works!

I will have my cerclage taken out on Monday. That's nerve racking on it's own. The doctor initially made it sound so effortless but then at this last appointment she said it is common to have some difficulties. The removal is already scheduled to be done in triage but she said that they do it that way because it allows her to get an OR room booked in case they need it. She originally told me that I could go back to work after the procedure but she didn't seem so confident at our appointment when I asked the question again. Hopefully I'm just reading to much into her response. If there are three things in this pregnancy that could go right in the next few weeks, I would hope it would be and easy cerclage removal, the amniotic fluid would increase, and I have an easy delivery.


Jem said...

Oh, sweetie! This must be so nerve-wracking for you. If the doc felt you were in real danger, than he would have put you on bed rest. Just follow his advice to take it easy. This will all work out!!

Kristina said...

You have a great attitude. I like your modified bedrest idea. Hoping all settles down for you and sending good thoughts.

Tiara said...

I agree with Jem 100%...take it easy & trust your Dr. I was @ 36 weeks when my fluid started reading (?) low & was sent back to work & told to take it easy too. I made it to 39 keep drinking your water & the Drs will keep a close eye on you. Never a dull moment for sure!