Monday, January 30, 2012

34 days. We are operating without a net!

The cerclage has been officially removed as of 8am this morning. The most painful part was trying to get the right speculum. The first four didn't work but the fifth one was the charm. The knot of the first stitch was imbedded so that was a little difficult but my Dr got it out within a minute. The second stitch, even though it was placed really high in there, was actually easier to remove than the first. I had very little cramping and bleeding afterwards so I was sent home after an hour and half of monitoring. Instead of going right back to work, I decided to go home and sleep for a couple of hours. There is just something fantastic about taking mid day siesta!

I took it easy all weekend. I'm not a shamed to admit that I didn't get out of my pjs until 6pm on saturday night and that was only because I needed to go to Walmart and am addamit to not ever make the "people of Walmart".

Now I'm just going to be on pins and needles until my biophysical on wednesday. I'm just crossing my fingers that all this water drinking and relaxing will help me stay pregnant at least another week or two longer.


Abby said...

woo hoo!

congrats on passing another milestone! can't wait to hear how the next BPP goes.

fingers crossed that all goes perfectly!

Jen said...

Good luck!

Tiara said...

Glad it went so smoothly!