Monday, January 16, 2012

48 days

The BP was doing so well on Saturday I really thought I was in the clear but then Sunday it started to creep into the danger zone. I headed into work on Sunday night and started to get my co-workers ready for a possible quick departure. I sent them information on my projects, provided passwords, etc. I kept thinking that I was probably going overboard and this was completely unneccessary this early but after my round of self doubt and taking my bp twice today I might not have been overacting afterall. I'm now waiting to pick up a script for some bp meds and if that doesnt work the doc said I need to come back in. The nurse made it sound like I would most likely need to be put on bedrest at home. My 24 hour urine culture showed I was dropping protein but she said I was borderline so she wasn't too worried. Am I on the way to develping pre-eclampsia? Is there a chance I can just stay this way the rest of my pregnancy? I'm trying to stay cool as a cucumber but I'm definitely getting worried. I want to let this baby cook for at least another 3-4 weeks so I can reach full-term.

Ohh and the name situation. I keep thinking I found THE name but I keep second guessing it. I'm all over the place. I hope that when I see his sweet face it will just come to me but in the mean time the decision is making my batty. I rarely this indecisive so I am going to attribute it to my preggo hormones.

After reading comments from the last post, I've decided to go with packing the bare min. Going home outfit for me and the baby, bath necessities, camera, phone, chargers, baby book (to get his feet stamped) and maybe my laptop. I might also throw some snack food in there too because I hear the kitchen closes at 8pm and if I deliver after that, It's no food until the morning. I have had a couple of co-workers tell me they never bothered to use their own pajamas so I am forgoing that too. Sounds like a plan.


Jem said...

Keep us posted!

Ali said...

Hope your pressure comes down, remember stress can make it go up (not that my mentioning that will actually help at all). Just curious, you mentioned a baby book that you want to bring to the hospital. Were you able to find one that is for single moms? If you did, where did you find the book? Good luck in the 48ish days to come, regardless of whether your boy is on the outside or the inside!

Gille said...

I would definitely pack the minimum and skip the PJs. You wont need much and hopefully you wont need any of it soon!

Little One said...

You will only wear the hospital gown while in the hospital. I travelled home in the sweats I wore into the hospital.

As for names, I had completely different names picked out for Scarlett...when she was born I knew those weren't her names and I asked my mom to bring my original list to the hospital. I didn't end up naming her for over a week. But in Canada you have 30 days to fill out the online birth certificate application so it wasn't a big deal.

Tiara said...

Totally agree about the PJs...there's so much guck going on you don't want to ruin your own stuff...I had such a hard time with names too!!

Abby said...

I brought my name list to the hospital with me, just in case I changed my mind!

I fourth the decision to leave PJs at home... definitely don't need them!

The two things I highly recommend are your own pillow -- a GODSEND to not have crinkly plastic in your ear when you are trying to sleep! -- and a breastfeeding pillow if you are planning to breastfeed. I much prefer the My Brest Friend, but regardless, it's really helpful. My abs were SOOOOO sore from 4 hours of pushing. I could've survived without it but it really was helpful. You will spend a LOT of time breastfeeding even during your relatively short postpartum period.

snacks are good. and a water bottle because the cup they give you is pretty small.