Monday, January 23, 2012

41 Days

That due date must be approaching because I have been nesting like crazy. I don't think there is another inch left in my townhouse that wasn't cleaned in some fashion. I know I'm suppose to be relaxing and taking it easy to keep the bp down but I just couldn't help myself. While laying on the couch, I noticed a little dust on the TV. Next thing I know, I smell like a combination of Mr. Clean, pledge and comet. Sexy.

I finished my weekend up by getting a new hair cut. I figured it would be the last one I get before the LO arrives. Ooh and it is SOOOO the mommy cut. It was like the hairstylist didn't even need to ask what I wanted. So, your pregnant? yep, due in 5 weeks. So take a couple of inches off? yep, you know it! Presto chango....mommy-do. Short, no nonsense, still with a little style but yet easy to maintain.

Although work has been well aware of the baby coming soon, I don't think they understood what I meant by I'm taking the full three months off (FMLA). I told them this when I was 8 weeks pregnant, so they have had plenty of time to prepare. I started getting questions from my boss and manager this week about how often I plan to work from home while I'm gone, how often am I going to be checking my emails, how can we get some software on to my personal laptop so I can help them out. I said if I was on bedrest I could possibly help them out but not during my mat leave. Thank god, HR heard what was going on and told them that if I'm on disability or FMLA they cannot ask me to work even a single minute or it voids my disability and they have to pay me for a whole days worth of work. This new knowledge put my managers in a panic so we had an emergency meeting to discuss how they were going to get all our work done in the next 4 months (we have 3 major projects that need to be completed by the beginning of May, and two havent been started yet). The money-grubbing biotch in me wanted to say I will come back after 6 weeks if I can get an additonal 6 weeks of paid vacation to be used after the projects are submitted. However, the mommy side of me said NO WAY, I'm staying home to enjoy the baby. They are really going to struggle to get these projects done on time and correctly but I'm still so bitter that I've been sitting around for four months without any work that I really don't feel all that bad for them.

The UTI is gone! I don't have an ounce of back pain or cramping, I just feel preggo's and slow (mentally and physically). You know the typical late in pregnancy feelings. Shannon asked a great question on my last post about whether or not they were checking my urine at each appointment. Before each doctors appointment, the nurse does have me do a urine dipstick test and for two weeks prior to to this UTI the nurse kept saying that I had leukocytes (sp?) in my urine. I had no idea what that meant but since they didn't seem concerned, I wasn't concerned. After a brief date with DR Google over the weekend, I now know that it should have been one of the first signs to the doctor that I am fighting off an infection (of some sort) but I'm not sure if the nurse ever relayed this information to my doctor. I guess I will never know but fom now on if they say anything shows up on that test you better believe I am going to make a date with Dr Google again.

So has anyone out there had a cerclage removed? Was it painful? I've heard both ends of the spectrum...super painful or a total breeze. Although I hear it is really rare to go into labor immediately after getting a cerclage removed, I'm semi-paranoid that I will fall into the rare category. The majority of my family will be on a cruise ship in the middle of the carribbean from the Jan 28th to Feb 5th and I really don't want to have this little guy while they are out of the country....getting a tan and sippin' on pina coladas. Oooh sorry I drifted off there, I'm a little jealous of them:) So note to baby: YOU NEED TO STAY PUT UNTIL AFTER THE 5th!! He just kicked, I think he got the message :)


Shannon said...

Seriously, did they think you were kidding? So glad you're paying attention to your mommy side - you really deserve those 3 months with your little man. The one who's staying put until after the 5th! :)

Tiara said...

You stay put Little Buddy for your Mama!!! Really glad you're feeling better.