Friday, January 13, 2012

51 days

The last week has been just another ride on the pregnancy rollercoaster. I went in to take care of the hemmorhoids and the new doctor said there was nothing they could do about it. I have to say I was a little relieved because they haven't been as painful as last week and I wasn't looking forward to, what I hear, a painful procedure but I was also a little mad that I had to take a half day off only to find out they couldn't do anything for me.

I went in for my regularly scheduled ob appointment this morning thinking that I feel great, this is going to be a quick 15 minute appointment and then I could head back to work. Wrong. They took my bp and it was 158 over 88 which I honestly thought it was just a fluke. So they took again about 10 minutes later and it was 156 over 84. WTH??? I thought that if I quit my second job it would provide me with enough time to kick back and relax so these type of probs wouldn't come up. I guess I thought wrong. The doctor sent me down to triage where they did some blood work and started me on a 24 hour urine collection to see if I'm spilling protein. My bp down in triage was in the 130's/70's which is back in the normal range, so the numbers we were getting up in the doctors office was most likely a fluke. I was eventually sent home with instructions to continue the 24 hour urine collection and begin monitoring my bp 2-3xs a day. The nurse told me it might not hurt to keep my bags packed and in the car from this point on. When the nurse told be to start packing my bag, it just made the impending birth of my little guy all that much more real.

Holy crap I'm going to be a mom soon.

Between bp's taken up at the doctors office, the doctor talked to me about getting my cerclage out. It looks like it will be coming out in less than 3 wks although she hasn't scheduled it yet. I've heard from others that they do not numb you for the cerclage removal but she said it shouldn't be painful. I guess they used to do the removal in triage but she said she felt more comfortable doing it in the OR. I was a little afraid to ask why. If you know why, please don't tell me. Ignorance is bliss. She also has me coming in every week until baby's b-day. Again, holy crap I'm going to be a mom soon.

While walking down to traige, I kept thinking I need to still wash the floors, take care of the litter box, get Cooper (dog) to doggy daycare, vaccuum, etc. I think this little incident made me realize that I just need to be better prepared for any last minute changes in the baby plan. I think from now on when I go in for a doctors appointments I'm going to make sure my cleaning list is done (to the best of my ability) before I leave. I would hate for my family to come down and have to help me clean.

Let me finish this post with one of the best pregnancy-brain stories I've heard in a long time...thankfully this one is not about me. My bff, who is 24 wks along drove to work and parked. She has to take a bus from the parking lot to her office (she works on a university campus). It was raining really hard that morning and as she was pulling in, she could see the bus coming. Instead of risking having to sit in the rain while waiting for the next bus, she quickly parked, hit the lock on the door, and ran to catch the bus. At the end of the day, she caught the bus back to the parking lot. While on the bus she searched through her purse and jacket for her keys but couldn't find them anywhere. Then it dawned on her that she didn't use her keyfaub to lock her car door so she instantly assumed that she locked her keys in her car. She starts to call her husband to tell him he's going to have to make the hour drive to her office with her spare keys when she approaches the car and sees that not only did she not lock her door to her car but she left the car running!!! Her car sat out for over 8.5 hours running in the university parking lot and no one stole it!! I told her she must be the luckiest person I've ever met and that she might want to buy a lottery ticket asap! Even better she still had gas left, who knew you can leave a car idling for that long and not run out of gas? lol.


Ali said...

Holy crap, you're going to be a mom! I hope the next 51ish days go smoothly for you!

Little One said...

And the countdown is officially on. The hardest part for me was packing my bags...which I never opened and didn't use anything from anyway.

Tiara said...

You're going to be a Mom soon!!!!! :)

I agree with Little One, I used very little of what I packed but was most grateful for my shower felt so good when I was finally able to shower after giving birth.