Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just Like it Was Back In the Day

I'm back at work and the madness has already started on day one. Single Mom BB, this post is for you:)

I dropped Gavin off at Daycare Monday morning earlier than I needed to because I just knew I would not be able to stop myself from crying and I would have to clean up my face to make myself presentable.  I had 438 emails waiting for me when I turned on my computer.  As of today I've gone through only 122 of them because things have been so crazy.  If I knew how bad it was going to be, I would have gone moneyless for my final two weeks available for FMLA.

Shortly after turning on my computer, my boss pulled me into the office with our new intern who was starting that day (really nice girl, she's a keeper).  Boss man than proceeded to BLOW MY MIND.  First, I got a promotion.  Not a financial promotion, but I am now officially a project manager. Mind you, I've done the work of a project manager for awhile now but they wouldn't give me the title, mostly due to the insecurities of my manager (who is now no longer my manager, yippee!!!).  My old manager is still here but we no longer will be working on projects together. I was (and still am) a little leery of the promotion.  I'm kind of confused on why they chose to do it now considering before my maternity leave my boss told me I was difficult to work with and nobody likes me.  More on this later.  This promotion also means more work and more night meetings which just equals more time away from my son.  This is really ironic considering I asked prior to leaving if I could reduce the amount I would be traveling after Gavin's birth and they seemed to be okay with it. Regardless of how I got the promotion and all that comes with it, I'm still super happy about it because it will put me one step closer to running my own department. 

Boss man is now no longer running the company's largest and most time consuming project and will now be focusing his attention on improving our department.  This was much needed although I'm still a little leery about him being in charge of all of it since he doesn't always seem to know what we do.   At least this will be an opportunity for him to learn if he keeps his mind open.  We now have hired some one to take over the project that I won last years big grant for.  This is an awesome turn of events because work wasn't getting done on it because we didn't have a clear leader for the project and there were way too many people trying to take charge only to the drop the ball on important tasks.  The new hire is amazing and seems brilliant.  I'm kind of hoping I can work on a project with her in the future so I will have time to pick her brain. 

After I left his office, I began returning phone calls.  That's when I got to hear all the good stuff.  Seriously, I'm a little scared to post this right now but I need to get it off my chest.  My manager has been screwing up projects left and right, including ruining the relationship with two of our best clients.  This is partially my bosses fault too because the manager has been overwhelmed with work and was half-assing everything.  My boss also allowed him to be pegged as an architect even though he has never been trained to do architectural work (totally unethical, maybe illegal, by the way).  I wish I could show you some of the sketches he did for this client but it's just too embarrassing.  I will try to verbally paint this picture for you but he was suppose to design an outdoor amphitheater.  All he did was draw four wooden post, a box for a stage, and a triangle on top for a roof.  Gahhhhh!!!  He is about two months behind on each clients projects and the clients are to the point of frustration that they aren't picking up the phone when he calls.  One of our client service managers, who gets us our jobs, pulled me into his office and told me that our four client managers are pushing to place me in charge of all new projects because my (old) manager can't handle it and is pissing too many people off.  They also want me to start going out with them to get new jobs.  I was flattered that I was missed so much yet scared shitless because I have no idea if I can mend all these broken relationships with these clients.  I had good relationships with them in the past but I wonder if they will trust me to correct the situation.  Furthermore, correcting the situation also means stepping on some toes which will get me into hot water again.  I wanted to come back to a positive environment but it's quickly going south and I feel like I just stepped into a war between our department and our client managers. 

By the end of the first day, I had five pages (yes FIVE) of things that need to be done by the end of the week.  A lot of the items listed were things that the manager should have gotten done weeks ago because they are time sensitive.  I think I got these squared away now but I have no idea if I'm going to get the rest done by the end of the week so I can start working on my projects.

Gavin didn't have a good first day either.  The poor guy cried the first six hours he was there.  He also had diarrhea twice covering the daycare worker and himself in poo.  To add insult to injury, on the third diaper change of the day, he peed in the daycare workers face.  Thankfully she has a wonderful sense of humor.  I told her it was how we initiate people into the family.  The second day was the complete opposite.  Gavin was laughing and cooing all day so at least I know things will get better.

Now I get why so many woman rather stay home than be at work.  I feel like I never have time to be with Gavin.  I hate it.  When I pick him up after work, he goes to bed an hour later.  He also sleeps till 5:30 so that only gives me an about an hour and a half to be with him in the morning and I have to get ready for work during that time too.  This sucks.  Seriously, if anyone knows of a rich man who likes funny fat girls and is looking to financially support them, PLEASE send him my way.  I joked around about this to a friend and she told me that maybe Bill Clinton might be interested.  Too funny considering I've been told I look a lot like Monica Lewinski.

Damn I write too much when I'm blogging.  I can't believe anyone reads all my rambling but I appreciate those who do.


Tiara said...

Wow..what a welcome back to work that was!! I'm glad your old manager is getting his comeuppance but it's too bad it's at the expense of the relationships with clients. Also good news you don't have to report to him any longer, that's a huge plus!!

I wish I could tell you being at work & away from Gavin will get easier, but I don't think it does. At least it hasn't for me. Weekends are invaluable now! Glad he's adjusting not to badly at daycare.

Ali said...

Hahaha, I knew your boss/old manager would eventually realize just how much they need you!!! It is probably such a huge relief to know that Gavin did so well on the 2nd day of daycare.

Little One said...

I can't believe how early you have to head back to work. It makes me so thankful that I had a full year of maternity leave. I feel for you. I hope the transitions continue to get easier.

Single Mom BB said...

THANK YOU!! I'm sorry you are back at work (for you), but I'm excited for the new season of drama! I think I relate to your work so much because I too do project management... but I've never seen or experienced nearly such a level of incompetency that you have to deal with.

Congratulations on your promotion! So who do you work for now? So glad it's not the old manager!! It will be good for you to be out from under his thumb AND I bet the whole "reputation" thing came from him, so you'll be seen for who you are and what you do by ALL now.

Glad Gavin had a good second day. If you get more than one recommendation for rich men wanting to support funny fat single mom's, send the extra my way!!