Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Scary Changes

Thank god our HR person at work is totally awesome and knows that I have been going to great lengths to have a child. She told me that in the next month, my company is changing their insurance coverage. No more coverage on fertility drugs. Increase deductable (only $50 so that's not to bad) and big co-pays. With Gonal-F 900 pens going for over $1000, and I require 2 pens a cycle, I would not be able to afford to do many more cycles. I have no idea what new medications he would like to try during the next cycle. I still don't know if this will add extra costs for bloodwork and ultrasounds.

I called the RE's office to move up the WTF appointment to tomorrow in hopes that he will put in a script for two cycle's worth of drugs. If I could quickly scrape up the $1700 I need for a cycle by the end of the month, I would try again immediately, but I don't think that's possible. I am kind of freaking out. Now I really feel the pressure to do this now and not wait. I hate feeling forced into things but I also know that this is what I want. I know alot of women get back to back IUI's during their cycle, but do you really lower your chances by only doing one IUI? I would really love your input. I just need to find a solution to the cost issue.


Gille said...

You are very blessed to have someone in your corner like that. I don't like that this is forcing your hand though.

My clinic didn't charge for double IUIs in a cycle so I went with that. Its not a huge percentage jump, I think 6% more (I could be remembering wrong), when doing a double IUI.

Have you looked into donated drugs? I don't know if your clinic does it but some women return their unused drugs and that goes to other cycling women. That could help out.

Meg said...

Everything I've heard points to double IUIs during a well timed cycle not increasing your odds all that much - just the cost.

Hopefully #4 will be the ONE and you won't have to worry about the coverage.