Friday, April 8, 2011

The Plan

The RE's visit was short and sweet. Essentially, he thought I was just having bad luck and that he didn't see any reason why the IUI's were not working. With that being said, I found out that as long as my cycle has begun prior to May 31st I can get my medication for the usual cost of my co-pay. We plan on increasing my dose of gonal-f from 150 to 225, which makes me a little nervous because Dr. B said it will increase my chances of conceiving twins. We plan on ordering a little more medication than usual so that if I do need another cycle I will have enough medication. So that's it. Two more cycles tops. No pressure.

I did ask him about the differences between the back to back IUI's and a single IUI and he said that chances vary by approximately 6 to 12 percent.

Today has been a good day. I found out we landed the $1.4 million job (the one I won the grant for). Yeah, job security!!! It's so nice to be congratulated by so many people, I've been a bit overwhelmed by it. I hope this will open up some new doors for me in the future. A new grant application season just opened up so the company has me slated for 4 more applications all due by the end of next month. I hope I can produce the same results as I've done in the past. Wish me luck.

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Tiara said...

Very best of luck with your grant applications...& with the next cycle...fingers crossed it'll be "the one"