Friday, June 24, 2011

13dpiui - Status Quo

Another BFN this morning but I still feel the same. My sinuses burn and the pain has been radiating into my ears.

Still having some crazy-ass dreams. Last night I dreamt that Oprah was managing my restaurant and didn't know how to handle running the restaurant and she kept doing her crazy laugh while waving her bingo wings (flabby arms) while I'm yelling at her to stop and do her job. The night before that I dreamt that Rob Williams was hanging out with my co-worker and they were having a "Whose the Hairiest" contest and my co-worker won! Monday night I dreamt my drunk uncle picked me up from k-mart (I don't even shop there and my uncle doesn't drink) and we began speeding down a hill until we crashed into an elephant. I flew threw the window and died. Damn elephant. What the hell is up with these weird-ass dreams??? I don't recall ever having these kind of dreams in other cycles. Could it really still be the meds?

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M said...

Booo to the BFN! But at least you were braver than me. I didn't test this morning. Really hoping we're just late bloomers...