Wednesday, June 29, 2011

18dpiui Beta #2

300!! It nearly tripled!! I want to just jump up and down but I don't want the baby(ies) to drop out (haha, jk).

I went to Michaels craft store yesterday and bought two picture frames that have an area for a babies foot print and picture and wrote "Baby ___, coming soon, March 3, 2012". I also went to babies"r"us and bought two bibs saying I love my grandma/I love my grandpa. I'm going to wrap them up tonight, along with my parents mothers/fathers day present (I know they are incredibly late but I like to give their presents in person) and give the presents to my parents on friday. I can't wait to see their faces!!

My first ultrasound is scheduled on July 6th. I'm just so in shock, words cannot explain. A month ago, I was seriously questioning if I would ever get pregnant and here I am. I am just praying that this all ends with a wonderfull outcome. I guess people are right, you never stop worrying.


SurlyMama said...

Congrats! Those are great numbers! And no the worrying never stops. At first I was like "I'll relax after the second beta" then it was "after the first ultrasound" then "after I'm released to an OB" Now I just realize the rest of my life I will be worrying about this little one, even after they leave for college (I'll probably start worrying double then)

Tiara said...

I am just so happy & excited for you!!! What an awesome 2nd beta!!

SurlyMama is right, the worry never goes away :)

Anonymous said...

Great news!

Heather said...

I told my parents in (almost) the same way...I framed my first ultrasound picture in a "baby" frame and gave it to them out of the blue on a family vacation. They loved it, and I'm sure your parents will be so ecstatic! Congrats!!!!
(Oh, and I wanted to tell you that my cousin is adopting a ten year old girl from China in September, and her American name is going to be Lorelei! She's had that name stored away for such a long time now. Such a pretty name!)