Friday, June 3, 2011

New Day, New Perspective

Man, yesterday I was a hot mess!! Sorry blogoshpere for releasing all of my negative energy on you!

I was just having one of those days where if anything else happened I would need to be put into a straight jacket. The FSA issue finally got worked out 15 minutes before the fedex guy was expected to arrive at the cryogenics facility. Thankfully, the facility had my package ready to go and it will still arrive on time. Again, I love International Cryogenics (and I am not being paid to say that).

My hormone levels where slightly off but the RE seems to be attributing it to the birth control pills. Don't know why, and I surprisingly don't care. I start my gonal-f dosage of 225 tonight and have my next appointment on Wednesday the 8th. Like last cycle I am vowing to not take hpt's early and I am going to try my hardest to not obsess about every twinge and cramp. I am going to attempt to not be overly emotional but I know there will be times where I will still want to hug people one second and rip their faces off the next (watch out people!!).

I planned to take a month off of work from my second job but because my cycle began two weeks early, it looks like I will have to work this weekend and possibly the next. It kind of blows but hopefully I will have a reason in a couple weeks to devote this money to my maternity leave fund!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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