Thursday, June 16, 2011

Progesterone Check (And a moment to vent)

I have surprisingly had very few symptoms from the HCG shot this time around, just some tender tatas. The ultrasound revealed I have a large 6.5 cm cyst on my left ovary which is close to the threshold where they will not allow me to take the next HCG booster. I haven't heard what my progesterone level is yet which has me a little concerned but I will deal with it when it comes.

I think the odd thing is, I'm not as emotional as I was last cycle. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! Of course once you read what is below, you might think that I'm being an utter bitch. Maybe so.

Manager is back to his same antics. I'm sure I posted this previously, but he I've been given more duties in the last few weeks and he has gotten pretty jealous over it. The latest drama involves him taking two weeks to do a half page handout, which is flat out ridiculous. I didn't say anything, he will have to answer for it when our budget is blown however when he showed me what the handout looked like, it took me a second to compose myself. I'm a firm believer in mixing up comments, giving a few good comments with a few bad. "The back of the handout is pretty good, just a few small gramatical errors" "I'm not sure of the front of the brochure though, the pictures are ok but I think the words do not accurately represent what we are trying to acheive, maybe we just need to reword it bit" I thought I said it rather diplomatically, maybe I'm wrong. You tell me.

Seriously, it looked like a 8 year old wrote the front page of this thing and added a collage. The pictures were of buildings only. No people. No rural areas. Just downtown buildings. Boring. It looks like a real estate brochure. The handout was full of broad sweeping statements that explained nothing. "Our project will give people equal opportunity". (Yes that was the whole sentence) Opportunity for what? Does world peace fit in here (sarcasm)? "People will understand their surroundings" This isn't an educational project, we aren't taking people on a tour of the city. We are working on a plan for the city to improve housing, transportation and the economy. I understand the need to not talk as a planner would talk, but in a way that relates to a regular joe. However, I also believe if you make broad, unclear statements, people will make up their own meanings which may not be inline with what you invisioned.

I swear he looked at me like I just told him his mom was ugly. He got that look in his face, tensed up, and got really quiet and said "fine" and stormed off. I sent him an email a couple hours later just saying that I noticed he seemed a little upset about my comments and that I hope he doesn't take it personally, I'm just trying to make sure we are sending out a quality product that accurately represents our project. Within minutes he came over ready to argue. He was so sure of himself and his view but as soon as I pointed to the fact that what he wrote had nothing to do with the project, and then provided our scope of work, he just walked away, pouting and defeated. He has not said barely a word to me since then.

It's just so damn childish! If he didn't want my opinion and wasn't willing to hear the answer, good or bad, he shouldn't have asked. I think what makes me more upset is how immature he is acting about it. Man UP!! It's not like I told him, in the beginning of this drama, that he is the worst writer in the world or he doesn't know how to do his job. The fact is he can do his job, he just doesn't do other peoples job well and shouldn't pretend that he can. He's so unwilling to learn from others, it drives me nuts. I sometimes wonder who is the girl in this situation, him or me. I know that is a mean statement, but I think he is being WAY over sensitive about this.

I secretely went to our marketing department and showed them his handout. Their reaction was about the same as mine. I just asked if they could help correct it, keeping the basic bones of the document so there wasn't that drastic of a change. I also asked them to not indicate that I had brought it to their attention, which they agreed too. I keep hearing the manager complain about the changes but funny enough, everyone else in the department loves the new version and they keep complementing him on it. The complements still don't make him happy.

Thank you for letting me vent blogoshpere! I feel better already. First beta will be on June 27th. Hoping I make it that far!

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