Friday, June 10, 2011

I Blogged Too Soon (Cycle 4 IUI#1)

After my last post, I received a phone call from the RE's office saying that although my follicle count looked amazing, my LH levels were on the rise and it looked like we needed to intervene quickly. I raced to the RE's office and they gave me a shot of Cetrotide. I was instructed to take another dose of Gonal-f that night and the next morning. I left the office feeling like it was all going to work and I was still feel that this was going to be THE Cycle.

The next morning I noticed (TMI alert) my cervical mucous changed which really freaked me out. I called the RE's office and asked if I could get an ultrasound done prior to my scheduled IUI's to make sure I haven't ovulated. The nurse who is normally really nice, told me that it wouldn't be necessary but maybe they could do some bloodwork to check my LH instead. She was kind of short with me. I don't want to be a nuissance or be overly paranoid, but I have a lot riding on this cycle and I would hate to piss another cycle away.

After consulting with the doctor, they decided to schedule me for an ultrasound this morning, prior to my first IUI. Of course the ultrasound showed that I hadn't ovulated and this was all in my head. What the first nurse should have told me when giving me the cetrotide was that it often messes with your system and you can often see CM changes within a few hours after taking the medication. I was still apologetic because I think I looked like a lunatic. The ultrasound showed four large follicles on the right 20,20,19 and 17, while the left had a number of smaller follicles measuring between 10 and 14mm.

The IUI went on without any problems or cramping. I'm scheduled for the next one (and hopefully the last one) tomorrow morning. 2ww here I come!


M said...

Hey, we can be tww buddies. I go in for IUI #4 tomorrow. :)

Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!

Kristina said...

Oh, thank goodness it had a positive ending. I was worried there for a sec! Yeah, she totally should have told you about the cm changes! Thinking good thoughts for you.

Meg said...

Good luck! #4 (almost exactly 2 years ago) is the one that worked for me so I hope it's your lucky cycle too!

Paige said...

When stuff like this happens to me I just remind myself that they are used to dealing with hormonal ladies. I'm sure it didn't faze them.

Looks like a great cycle...waahooo!